Support for Struggling Students from University of British Columbia

Statements of support for the students’ struggle against the  CAA and NRC continue to pour in. We will try and keep publishing as many as we can. In this post is a statement from the University of British Columbia, Canada. 

We, the students, faculty, alumni and scholars of the University of British Columbia, and the South Asian community in Vancouver, strongly condemn the police violence unleashed on students protesting against Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens of India, across universities in India. Specifically, we condemn the police brutality on Muslim students of Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University where the excessive violence of police machinery is reflective of the Islamophobia of the present government. We strongly oppose the recently passed Citizenship Amendment Act which inherently discriminates citizenship for Muslims on religious grounds. The Act provides citizenship to six religious minority communities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan while it explicitly leaves out Muslims. Citizenship Amendment Act (passed on December 11, 2019) along with National Register of Citizens of India and National Population Register will bring about systematic displacement and dispossession of two hundred million Muslims in India as their citizenship will be put to test and they can be easily rendered stateless.

  • We stand with students around India, fighting against this Islamophobic Act. It is the fundamental right of the students to protest in a democracy. Responding to peaceful protest through police brutality and militarization raises questions about the “democratic nature” of the Indian state under the present government.
  • We stand witness to the horror of police violence in India – to the firing of live bullets against students, teargas, detention, torture and humiliation of students. We stand witness to those whose bodies have been amputated in this brutality unleashed by the state machinery. As we extend our absolute support to students in India, we also stand witness to the global trends of rise in Islamophobia and construction and consumption of Muslim bodies as particular objects of violence and torture.
  • We also stand in solidarity with the protests taking place in North Eastern states in India, specifically Assam. These states, consisting of indigenous populations are facing direct threat to their survival. We recognize the fight of Assamese people against attribution of religion to their Assamese identity. We lend our support to the indigenous voices and strongly condemn the government’s attempt to marginalize and silence the needs and voices of indigenous communities.
  • We call upon all secular and anti-fascist organisations to stand in unconditional solidarity with students of JMI, AMU, JNU and other universities in India who reject the obscenity of the Citizenship Amendment Act/National Register of Citizens.
1.       Wajiha Mehdi, Graduate Student (UBC)
2.       Isha Mathur, Graduate Student (UBC)
3.       Harsh Trivedi, UBC
4.       Robert Malone, Alumni
5.       Tzur Shupack
6.       Timothy Christilaw, BA Alumnus
7.       Astitwa Thapa
8.       Paul Boniface Akaabre, UBC School of Community and Regional Planning
9.       Saori Ogura, University of British Columbia
10.   Jayden Lloyd, PhD Student, CNERS Dept
11.   Andy Bains
12.   Hila Graf
13.   Mollie Holmberg, UBC Department of Geography
14.   Mark Warren, University of British Columbia
15.   Arwa Nemir, MSc student at UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
16.   Christopher Stephens, Graduate Advisor, Department of Philosophy, University of British Columbia, Canada
17.   Leonora C. Angeles, Associate Professor, UBC School of Community and Regional Planning & Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice
18.   Ben Dreith
19.   Sylvanna Baugh
20.   Anna Wright, University of British Columbia
21.   Sameena Siddiqui
22.   Kelsey Wilson, UBC
23.   Renisamawani
24.   SuneraThobani, UBC
25.   Ryan Stillwagon, University of British Columbia
26.   Sheila Giffen, University of British Columbia
27.   Sara Shneiderman, Associate Professor, Anthropology and School of Public Policy & Global Affairs
28.   Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra, UBC
29.   Dina Al-Kassim, Institute for Social Justice UBC
30.   HarshaThakoor
31.   Amin Ghaziani, Sociology
32.   Max Cohen, UBC Geography
33.   Peter Klein, Journalism
34.   Matthew Dietrich, Computer Science
35.   Mohamed SalihinSubhan, University of British Columbia
36.   Derek Gregory, Peter Wall Distinguished Professor
37.   Sana Janjua, UBC
38.   Yotam Ronen, UBC PhD student
39.   RusabaAlam, PhD student, English
40.   AfeedAreifiz, UBC Student
41.   Anita Lal, Anarchy Consulting
42.   Mo Dhaliwal, Director of Strategy, Skyrocket
43.   Nirma Khatri, UBC
44.   Miranda Burgess
45.   Bali Deol
46.   Saleha Rauf
47.   Helina Jolly
48.   Arafat Safdar
49.   Cameron Gilbert , MA student in Philosophy
50.   Kamal Bhardwaj
51.   Barinder Hans
52.   Milan Singh, Simon Fraser University
53.   Sharon Nadeem, University of British Columbia
54.   Rodney Stehr, UBC
55.   Dhruvi Lakhani, UBC
56.   Torin McLachlan, UBC English
57.   Luke Barnesmoore, UBC
58.   Ranbir Johal Kwantlen Polytechnic University
59.   Neha Bhattacharya
60.   Jesse Hannawalt, UBC English
61.   Akshay Kulkarni, Masters of Journalism Student
62.   Gary Thandi, MSW RSW
63.   SarrahPutwa
64.   Muhammad Bilal Yasir
65.   Joseph Daniels, PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia and The University of Nottingham
66.   PreetPandher, Alumni
67.   Sana Faiyaz
68.   MinelleMahtani, UBC
69.   Muhammad AmanFaruqui, student at UBC
70.   Adam Howe, PhD Candidate, department of Sociology, UBC
71.   Rabe Arshad, Electrical & Computer Engineering, UBC, Canada
72.   Sandeep Dhillon, UFV
73.   Harman Walia
74.   Jacob Forrest, UBC, Department of Geography
75.   Robyn Peers, University of British Columbia
76.   AC Quinn, MA student UBC Geography
77.   TallatMujtaba
78.   Adrian Deveau, Art History MA
79.   Matthew Ballantyne, Graduate student in AHVA
80.   Maria Elgueta, UBC
81.   Alex Winter-Billington, University if British Columbia
82.   Corey Snelgrove, UBC Political Science
83.   Surbhi Palande
84.   Kyrie Vermette UBC
85.   Jackie Witkowski, UBC
86.   Jasmin Sangha, UBC  alumni
87.   Krista Bailie, University of British Columbia
88.   Andy Holmes, UBC alumnus, MA student University of Toronto
89.   Zahid Makhdoom, Vancouver, BC, Canada
90.   Mark Harris UBC
91.   Khushi Mehta, 2nd Year Psychology Student at UBC
92.   Anusha Jain, Student
93.   John Ede, MPPGA UBC Vancouver
94.   M. V. Ramana, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, University of British Columbia
95.   Barbara Zeigler, UBC
96.   Richard Copley, UBC
97.   Maria Angelica Guerrero-Quintana, Student MA Society, Culture & Politics in Education
98.   Phebe Ferrer, UBC Graduate
99.   HarmeshChander
100.                        John Paul Catungal, Social Justice Institute, University of British Columbia
101.                        Samarth Srivastava , UBC
102.                        Rachel Bok, UBC
103.                        Pankaj Gupta, Graduate student, faculty of medicine, UBC
104.                        NushratAnjum, UBC Arts Student
105.                        Tessa MacIntyre, University of British Columbia
106.                        Nadeem Kajani, Student (Indian citizen)
107.                        SahanaBabu, student
108.                        Don Shafer UBC
109.                        Barnini Bhattacharyya, UBC
110.                        Szu Shen, UBC English MA 2012
111.                        Eileen Wu, AHVA
112.                        Chitra Chopra, Student
113.                        amanda w, undergraduate student & staff
114.                        Omer Aijazi, Educational Studies
115.                        Jane Shi, unaffiliated
116.                        Rachael Bullock, student
117.                        LitsaChatzivasileiou, UBC
118.                        Keira Smalley, GRSJ
119.                        AreekaRz, UBC
120.                        Sarah Munawar
121.                        Kritika Joshi, UBC
122.                        Md Aamir Raihan, University of British Columbia
123.                        Chen-Hong Chang, UBC Alum
124.                        Isha Rajvanshi, UBC Student
125.                        RajarshiSengupta
126.                        Sophia Lee, UBC
127.                        Jaleh Mansoor, UBC
128.                        Alyssa Sy de Jesus, UBC Graduate Student
129.                        Sai Diwan, UBC
130.                        Tray Ma, Alumni
131.                        Fatima Zahra, Student
132.                        AnisaDhanji, Simon Fraser University
133.                        Bern Haggerty, UBC Alumnus
134.                        AnkitDassor, Alum – Simon Fraser University
135.                        Julie Zhang, SPPH
136.                        Rumla Nasir
137.                        Maureen Ryan, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia
138.                        Hera Ghuman
139.                        Jacob Fischer-Schmidt, UBC Arts
140.                        Sheryl Lightfoot, Canada Research Chair of Global Indigenous Rights and Politics, UBC
141.                        Hina Imam, Master of Journalism
142.                        Vinit Khosla
143.                        Andrew Alexander
144.                        Sanjeev Routray, UBC
145.                        Fabiola Carranza (UBC graduate student 2012-2014)
146.                        Sanzida Habib, Research Associate, UBC
147.                        NikiNajm-Abadi, UBC student
148.                        Inbar A, student
149.                        Ronak Gupta, UBC
150.                        AkhilDattani, UBC
151.                        NaviDasanjh
152.                        James Anderson, UBC student
153.                        Jonathan Turcotte-Summers, UBC Faculty of Education
154.                        Andrew Schuldt, PhD Candidate Geography
155.                        Natasha Brocks, UBC
156.                        Nudrat Kamran
157.                        Raphael Diangkinay
158.                        Nudrat Kamran
159.                        Mansoorah Chaudhry
160.                        NavinRamankutty, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs; and Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability
161.                        Athar Rasool
162.                        Jacob Beauregard, Student
163.                        Socialist Fightback
164.                        Qasim Bukhari
165.                        MINNIE NG, UBC
166.                        Jas Jhooty
167.                        Azhar Ahmad
168.                        Jahangir Rana
169.                        Abeera Irfan, MSA
170.                        ShamiPremNawshedBabu, alumni
171.                        Daisy Couture, University of British Columbia
172.                        Sأ©bastienBau, alumnus
173.                        Naveena Naqvi, Asian Studies, UBC
174.                        Prakriti Singh
175.                        Anna Ward, Alumni UBC
176.                        aidasanjush
177.                        ChetnaAssociatio of Canada
178.                        Rachel Cheang, UBC Student
179.                        Anne Murphy, Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Asian Studies
180.                        Zulfiqar H.
181.                        Sana Fatima, recent UBC Alumni
182.                        BhaskarKasbekar, UBC
183.                        Valentina Desideri, GRSJ, UBC
184.                        AseefaMerali
185.                        Wyatt Reeves, UBC
186.                        CavlanErengezgin, PhD Student
187.                        Fatima Aamir, UBC student
188.                        SairaKanwal, The Runner Newspaper
189.                        Vania Amer
190.                        Katie Czenczek, Student
191.                        SadiaTasleem, UBC
192.                        Diya Menon, UBC
193.                        Grace Ma, UBC SAB
194.                        RithikhaRajamohan, student
195.                        Shannon Payne, University of British Columbia Alumni
196.                        Elise Gallois, UBC alum / University of Edinburgh
197.                        Saanya Mishra
198.                        Shira Sanghvi, UBC
199.                        SalwaNimir, UBC student
200.                        EimanElnoshokaty
201.                        ShaliniNanayakkara, University of British Columbia
202.                        AnoushkaSawarkar
203.                        Ahmed Masood, UBC Student
204.                        Jade Pollard-Crowe, Graduate Student
205.                        Maj Britt Jensen, PhD student at the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (UBC)
206.                        Aliza Rizvi
207.                        Hamza Khan, M.Sc. UBC 2017 (alumni)
208.                        Shazmeen Omar, UBC
209.                        Maya Acevedo, GRSJ department at University of British Columbia
210.                        LM Ishiguro, History, University of British Columbia
211.                        Thomas Kemple, Sociology
212.                        VahithaSNizamudheen , Graduate student, Exp medicine program , UBC
213.                        Denise Ferreira da Silva, GRSJ
214.                        Elliott Y.N. Cheung, alumnus
215.                        Melissa Singh, MSW Candidiate York University
216.                        Rachele Benjamin
217.                        Kathryn Dosanjh
218.                        Anna Hoskins
219.                        Ya’el Z. Frankel, UBC Graduate School of English
220.                        Susan Boyd, Professor Emerita, University of British Columbia
221.                        Erika Kindsfather, UBC MA student
222.                        Becki Ross, University of British Columbia
223.                        Yumna Urfi, UBC
224.                        Jessica StitesMor, UBC
225.                        Amy Gill
226.                        Sylvia Fuller, Sociology
227.                        VaishnaviPanch, UBC
228.                        Debra Parkes, Professor, Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia
229.                        Mohammad Zakriya Khan, Alumnus
230.                        Christopher B. Patterson, University of British Columbia
231.                        Sherry Da, UBC
232.                        Rahil Fernandes, UBC MBA
233.                        Zishanali
234.                        DhunnaDayal
235.                        Iyol Martinez, UBC
236.                        Aarti Kashyap
237.                        Madeleine Reddon, (PhD Can.) University of British Columbia
238.                        Stephen Ito, UBC Hempology 101
239.                        Alison Ariss, AHVA, UBC
240.                        Larissa Lai, University of Calgary
241.                        Chinmoy Banerjee
242.                        Allen Fulghum, alumnus of the University of British Columbia
243.                        Grania Jain, student
244.                        Richa Sharma, Ubc
245.                        Raju J Das, Professor, York University, Toronto
246.                        Hasan Siddiqui, Asian Studies
247.                        Isha Jain, UBC alumni
248.                        RabaabKhehra
249.                        Anisha Datta, King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario
250.                        Joshua S. Mostow, Professor, Asian Studies Dept.
251.                        Dionne Bunsha
252.                        Don Baker, UBC Asian Studies
253.                        NurSyakirahZainal, University of British Columbia
254.                        Thomas Hunter. Asian Studies, UBC
255.                        RabeeaAlmubarak, PhD student, Department of English Language & Literatures, UBC
256.                        SheroukShehata, University of British Columbia
257.                        Althea Thauberger, Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia
258.                        Charan Gill
259.                        Al-Bariq Ali
260.                        Kulvir Rai
261.                        Walker Williams, DMA student
262.                        Saaniya Anand
263.                        Sadhu Binning
264.                        Inari Sosa UBC
265.                        Aassem Abdel-aziz, UBC Sauder School of Business
266.                        Anvi Kumar; student
267.                        Suparna Gupta
268.                        Prithu Banerjee, UBC, Department of Computer Science
269.                        Josephine Hass, Alumni
270.                        Joseph Burkhart, Classical Near Eastern and Religious Studies
271.                        Ayan Gum, UBC Student
272.                        Vishnu Rajendran Chandrika, University of British Columbia Vancouver
273.                        Emily Bailey, RAGA
274.                        Fatima Jaffer, PhD Candidate
275.                        ShereenKotb, UBC
276.                        Harjit Purewal, alumni
277.                        Shereen Leanne, UBC
278.                        Christy Fong, UBC
279.                        Jasmine Veark, Alumni
280.                        Krys Yuan, UBC Alumni (BA Anthropology)
281.                        Habiba Zaman, Simon Fraser University
282.                        Virginia Tina Ly, University of British Columbia Alum.
283.                        Professor Mary Liston, Peter A Allard School of Law
284.                        Y Vy Truong, UBC Alumn
285.                        Amy Sture, UBC
286.                        Christiana (Ana) Tse, Political Science
287.                        Kaitlyn Fung, UBC alumni
288.                        Claire McOuat
289.                        Iman Baobeid, University of British Columbia Alumnus
290.                        Daniel Lam, Alumnus


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