Over one thousand women write to Chief Ministers opposing NPR

Given that the updation of the National Population Register (NPR) is scheduled to begin from April 1, 2020 along with house listing for the Census of India 2021, women rights activists released a letter at Delhi’s Press Club on March 17, 2020, that was sent to every Chief
Minister in the country by over one thousand individual signatories and 18 organizations. The signatories include activists, writers,
academics, lawyers, doctors, farmers, professionals, anganwadi workers and women from all walks of life from more than 20 states.

LETTER TO CMs from Women’s* Groups and individuals_

Dear Chief Minister,


  1. *We write to you as Indian women [1] who are opposed to the proposed National Population Register (NPR) [2]*. Women constitute nearly 50% of India’s population, and this opposition is based on clear evidence from our own lives.
  2. Section 14 A of the Citizenship Act, the accompanying 2003 Rules, and official reports of the Ministry of Home Affairs, all provide for using NPR data to compile the National Register of Indian Citizens (NRIC). The NRIC will be prepared by local registrars scrutinizing information of individuals in the Population Register and marking people as ‘Doubtful Citizens’.

3. While the Home Minister on March 12, 2020 stated in Parliament that no one will be marked “doubtful”, this assurance carries no legal sanctity, until the relevant statutes and rules are formally amended.

4. Women, irrespective of caste and religious community, will be hugely affected by the NPR-NRIC citizenship regime being rolled out by the Central government, that puts all our citizenship rights to test, in an arbitrary and frightening manner. The combination of the NPR and NRIC will force each person to prove their citizenship, and disproportionately put at risk the women, the weakest, and the most marginal people of our country.

  1. The NRC in Assam resulted in excluding 6% of the population, because they could not produce necessary documents. Of the 19 lakh people, who today live the daily trauma of an uncertain future, a vast majority, are women and children. This includes married women, who left natal homes and carried no papers into their marital home. Nothing saved them – panchayat certificates linking them to original ‘legacy’ holders were often rejected. This is the frightening reality staring many Indian women in the face today.
  2. Women often do not have land or property in their names. They have lower literacy rates. The low rate of institutional deliveries several decades ago, means that children do not have birth certificates. It is clear that women and children from adivasi communities, nomadic and de-notified tribes, dalit women, bahujan women, muslim women, women from other minority communities, women with disabilities, migrant labourers, small farmers, the landless, domestic workers, sex workers, transgender and queer persons, and women in the unorganised sector, asked to ‘prove’ citizenship, will all be at grave risk of being disenfranchised.

7. It is now up to you, as a State Government, to prevent this mass chaos and attack on India’s most marginal. Protect our rights by stopping the NPR.

8. We also ask you to protect the sanctity of the Census, which we know is vital to planning development for the most marginal citizens of our country.

9. *We, therefore, ask the state Government to ensure that:*

a. *The NPR and the Census are de-linked, and from April 1, 2020 enumerators are sent out only with the census schedule.*

 b. *Appropriate executive decisions to this end must be urgently issued and publicised.*

 c. *Safeguard citizens of your state, and ensure no punitive action against anyone engaging in a boycott of the NPR.*

Thank you,

1100+ signatories as per list below.

Contact details: womenagainstnpr@gmail.com




1 Abha Bhaiya, Jagori rural, Himachal Pradesh
2 Ajita, Dalit Feminist – New Delhi
3 Amrita Johri, Social Activist, New Delhi
4 Anjali Bhardwaj, Social Activist, New Delhi
5 Annie Namala – Delhi
6 Annie Raja, NFIW
7 Aruna Roy, Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan, Rajasthan
8 Arundhati Dhuru, NAPM, Uttar Pradesh
9 Asha Sharma, AIDWA, New Delhi
10 Ayesha Kidwai, Professor Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
11 Beena Pallical, Dalit Arthik Adhikar Andolan, Delhi
12 BrinelleD’souza, TISS, JCoR
13 Chayanika Shah, LABIA – A Queer Feminist LBT Collective
14 Devaki Jain, Economist, New Delhi
15 Dipta Bhog,  Social Activist , Delhi
16 Dr Soma KP, Independent researcher/MAKAAM, Delhi
17 Farah Naqvi, writer, activist, New Delhi
18 Geeta Seshu, Independent Journalist, Mumbai, Maharashtra
19 Grace Banu -TransRightsNowCollective
20 Hasina Khan, Bebaak Collective, Mumbai
21 Jayati Ghosh, Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
22 Kalpana Kannabiran, Council for Social Development, Hyderabad
23 Kavitha Kuruganti, Social Activist, Bangalore.
24 KamlaBhasin, Sangat – A Feminist Network, Delhi  
25 Kavita Krishnan, AIPWA, Delhi
26 Kavita Srivastava, PUCL, Rajasthan
27 Lalita Ramdas, LARA, Maharashtra
28 Lara Jesani, Advocate, PUCL, Maharashtra
29 Maimoona Mollah, AIDWA, Delhi
30 Maya John, Centre for Struggling Women (CSW)
31 Maya Krishna Rao, Theatre Artist, Delhi
32 Meera Sanghamitra (National Alliance of People’s Movements)
33 Minakshi Singh, Unity in Christ
34 Nandini Rao Akkaraju, WSS, Delhi
35 Nandini Sundar, Delhi
36 Nandita Haksar, Writer
37 Nivedita Menon, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
38 Pamela Philipose, New Delhi
39 Poonam Kaushik, Pragatisheel MahilaSangathan Delhi
40 Pyoli Swatija, WSS, Delhi
41 Saba Dewan, Gurgaon, Haryana
42 Sarojini N, Public Health Activist, Delhi
43 Sejal Dand, Gujarat
44 Shabnam Hashmi, Anhad, New Delhi
45 Smita Gupta, Economist, New Delhi
46 Suneeta Dhar, Activist, New Delhi.
47 Suroor Mander
48 Tanika Sarkar
49 Ulka Mahajan
50 Urvashi Butalia, New Delhi
51 Vani Subramanian, New Delhi
52 Vahida Nainar, Mumbai
53 A Reyna Shruti, Pondicherry
54 A. Mangai, Theatre person, Tamilnadu
55 A. Padmavathi, NFIW
56 A. Vimala, NFIW
57 A.Suneetha, Women and Transgender Organizations Joint Action Committee,  Telangana State
58 A.Vanaja , NFIW
59 Aabida Khatoon, Advocate, New Delhi
60 AakankshaD’Cruz, NCR
61 AalokaKanhere
62 Aarti Bhavana, Karnataka
63 Aarushi Chitlangia, Maharashtra
64 Aasha Ramesh  Karnataka
65 Aashika Ravi, Karnataka
66 Aayushi Yadav, Rajasthan
67 Abhilasha
68 Abhilasha Chattopadhyay. PhD scholar Ambedkar University, Delhi
69 Abhilasha, Student of Law Centre-1 (DU), Rajasthan
70 Abhiti, Lawyer, Delhi
71 Achla Sawhney, Haryana
72 Achsah Annie Saji, YWCA Calicut, Kerala
73 Aditi Basu , Anjali Mental Health  Rights Organization,  WB
74 Aditi Dewedi, Delhi
75 Aditi, Telangana
76 Adv. Bhoomika D. Pandhare, Maharashtra
77 Advocate Kranti Deshmukh, Amravati, NFIW
78 Advocate Madhuri Kshirsagar, Parbhani , NFIW
79 Adya Narain, Uttar Pradesh
80 Afshan Tabassum, Karnataka
81 Aila Bandagi, Telangana
82 Aisha Farooqui Telangana
83 Aishwarya Walvekar, Maharashtra
84 Aishwarya, New Delhi
85 AK Dave, Queer Feminist Activist, Delhi
86 Akhila, Karnataka JanaarogyaChaluvali
87 Akhileshwari Ramagoud, Journalist-Academic, Hyderabad
88 Akram pasha, Karnataka
89 Akshata Mishra
90 Akshaya, Student Stella Maris
91 Alia Ramaswamy, Social worker, Bangalore
92 Ambika Menon, Kerala
93 Ambika Tandon, New Delhi
94 Ammu Abraham, FAOW, PUCL
95 Ammu Joseph, Karnataka
96 Amrit Joga,  N.F.I.W Bathinda , Punjab
97 Amrita Shodhan, Gujarat
98 Amrita Singh
99 Amrutha, consultant, Gender issues,  Karnataka
100 Anahita Mir
101 Anandi Pandey, Uttar Pradesh
102 Ananya Dasgupta, Independent Consultant in Non Profit Sector, Bangalore, India
103 Ananya Mahishwar, Delhi
104 Aneesha Ranjan, Delhi
105 Anghrija Chakraborty, Tamil Nadu
106 Anindita Ray, West Bengal
107 Anita Ratnam, Karnataka
108 Anita Soni, Rajasthan
109 AnithaChettiar,  Maharashtra
110 Anitha M G, AITUC Karnataka State Committee
111 Anjali Acharya, Madhya Pradesh
112 Anjali Deshpande, writer, Delhi
113 Anjali Noronha citizen
114 Anjali Ojha
115 Anjali TiggaYouva Chetna Munch, Chatra,  Jharkhand
116 Anjana John, PhD scholar, Central European University
117 Anjana Mangalagiri, New Delhi
118 Anjelin D’Souza, Asha Kiran, Maharashtra
119 Anju Christine Lingham, Karnataka
120 Anjum shariff
121 AnkulBaronia
122 Anna Joseph, Chetna Bharti, Chatra, Jharkhand
123 Annapurna Bhattacharya, West Bengal
124 Anomita Sen
125 Ansari kausar.thane. mumbra 400612
126 Anu Vedna, Gujarat
127 AnubhaDhasmana
128 AnubhaDhasmana, Karnataka
129 Anubha Rastogi, Maharashtra
130 Anubhuti Sharma, JNU, Delhi
131 Anupama P, Telangana
132 Anuradha Banerji, Saheli, New Delhi.
133 Anuradha Chatterjee, West Bengal
134 Anuradha Kapoor, West Bengal
135 Anuradha Marwah, ZHDC Delhi University, Delhi
136 Anuradha Potluri, Telangana
137 Anuradha Talwar, ShramajibiMahila Samity, West Bengal.
138 AnuvindaVarkey
139 Aparna Indian Federation of TradeUnions
140 Aparna, kerala
141 Apeksha Vora
142 Apoorva Kaiwar, Delhi
143 Apoorva Srivastava Uttar Pradesh
144 Aquila Khan Ambernath west, District Thane.
145 Aranya S., Madhya Pradesh
146 Aranyani Bhargav, Bharatanatyam dancer, Karnataka
147 Arati Banerjee, West Bengal
148 AratiChokshi, Karnataka
149 Aravinda Potluri, Telangana
150 Archana Prasad Jawaharlal Nehru University
151 Archna Devi, North West, NFIW
152 Arjun Charles, Tamil Nadu
153 Arpita Jaya, Quill Foundation, New Delhi
154 Arti Singh, Home Maker
155 Arun Kumar,Retd. Prof, JNU
156 ArunaBurte Individual Maharashtra
157 Aruna Rodrigues,  Madhya Pradesh
158 Aruna SINHA
159 Aruna Sinha, NCR, NFIW
160 Aruna, Anantapur District, NFIW
161 Arunanshu Banerjee. Nav Janawadi Lok Manch.
162 Arundhati Chauhan, Uttar Pradesh
163 Arundhati V, Karnataka
164 AS Vasantha Kumari, women’s activist, Delhi
165 Asfia Jamal, Madhya Pradesh
166 Asha G, Innovation Hub, Trivandrum
167 Asha Vombatkere, Karnataka
168 Ashalatha S Makaam Telangana
169 Ashmat khan, Madhya Pradesh
170 AshviniPagare, Nashik , NFIW
171 Ashwini Kasi, Tamil Nadu
172 Asia, New Delhi, NFIW
173 Asmita Chaudhuri, West Bengal
174 Asmita Meena Jayendra, Maharashtra
175 AvaniChokshi, CPI (ML)
176 Avantika Srivastava, individual, Uttar Pradesh
177 Avinash Kumar,  JNU, Delhi
178 Avipsha Das, Independent Researcher and Filmmaker, Tamil Nadu
179 Avni Agarwal, Maharashtra
180 Avtar kaur,  N.F.I.W, Ludhiana, Punjab
181 Ayisha Mansoor
182 Aysha
183 Aysha, New Delhi
184 B. Parameswari, NFIW
185 B.Girija, Social Activist, Telangana
186 B.Jayamma Advocate, NFIW
187 Babulal Naga, Vividha Features, Jaipur
188 Bailancho Saad
189 Baljinderkaur, NFIW,  Ludhiana
190 Balwinderkaur, N.F.I.W , Amritsar Rural .Punjab
191 Balwinder Kaur, NFIW, Gurdaspur, Punjab
192 Bava R Lukose, National board member, YWCA of India
193 BeenaChirackal, India
194 Beena shah   Delhi
195 Bencita Emmanuel, Missionary Sisters of Queen of the Apostles, Varanasi, UP.
196 Bhagyalakshmi, Kadapa District, NFIW
197 Bhanu Priya Gupta, National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights, Delhi
198 Bhanwar Lal Kumawat, PUCL, Rajasthan
199 Bharat Patel
200 Bharathi, Appamma, NFIW
201 Bharti Ali, HAQ: Centre for Child Rights, Delhi
202 Bharti Dhakwal, Raigad , NFIW
203 Bharti Nyalpalli Ahmednagar ,NFIW
204 Bhavani R V, Researcher, Tamil Nadu
205 Bhavya Paliwal, New Delhi
206 Bhoomi Gupta, Enrich Life Foundation, Delhi
207 Bhumika Saraswati, Independent Journalist
208 Bidisha Mahanta, Delhi
209 Bimalamma, NFIW
210 Bindu K C, AUD
211 Bindu Kapurea, New Delhi
212 Bindu Menon, Mannil Bangalore
213 Binu Jose Maharashtra
214 Bishal, Telangana
215 Bonnie Phillips. Vedruma Carmelite Sister of Charity
216 Bratati Pande. Delhi
217 Brinda Adige, Global Concerns India, Bengaluru, Karnataka
218 Carina Singh, Delhi
219 Ch. Sundari Devi. President, AIDWA Manipur.
220 Ch.Krishnaveni, Kadapa District, NFIW
221 Chaitanya Khandelwal, research scholar, Ambedkar University, Delhi
222 Chakri Bai-Hyderabad, NFIW
223 Chandana Jha, Katihar- NFIW
224 Chandra bhan Prajapati
225 Chandra Veeranan, Women’s Education and Economic Development Trust, Tamil Nadu
226 Chandrakant shanti, Sadbhavana Manch, Chhattisgarh
227 Cheryl Jacob, Gurugram
228 Chetna singh, Delhi
229 ChhayaBasu, Karwan e Mohabbat, Delhi
230 Chhaya, activist, PurogamiMahilaSangathan, Delhi
231 Chirashree Ghosh, Mobile Creches, New Delhi
232 Chithra Viswanathan, Tamil Nadu
233 Chitra Vanjari Amravati, NFIW
234 ChittaroopaPalit, Narmada BachaoAndolan, M.P
235 Christian Sanga Youva Chetna Munch, Chatar, Jharkhand
236 Concertina Costa,  Maharashtra
237 Cynthia Stephen, Karnataka
238 D Jayaraj, Tamilnadu
239 D. Bhagya Lakshmi, NFIW.
240 D. W. Karuna, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
241 D.Krishnakumari -Hyderabad ,NFIW
242 D.Rama Devi, state secretary Aidwa,Ap. endorsed
243 D.Ramanamma, NFIW
244 D.Sitaravamma, NFIW
245 Daisy Khan ,Uttar Pradesh
246 Dalhia Mani, IIMB
247 Damayanti Parekh,Punarutthan,Gujarat
248 Darshna, N.F.I.W ,  Jallandhar, Punjab
249 Debayan Gupta, New Delhi
250 Deeksha Dwivedi, Uttar Pradesh
251 Dipa Sinha, Economist, New Delhi

Deepa Venkatachalam, Delhi

252 Deepika Joshi, Researcher  Chhattisgarh
253 Deepti Bharti, Gen Sec, Delhi NFIW
254 Deepti Bharti, NCR, NFIW
255 Derpti Bharti. NFUE DELHI STATE
256 Dev Desai social activist ANHAD Gujarat
257 Devaki Khanna
258 Devaki Khanna, Karnataka
259 Devika Ramachandran, Kerala
260 Devika Shetty, Goa
261 Dheeraj Mani Tamil Nadu
262 Diamond Oberoi Vahali Ambedkar University Delhi
263 Dimple Oberoi Vahali, Delhi
264 Dipali, Delhi
265 Dipika Jain,PMS, Delhi
266 Dipika Titus New Delhi
267 DivyaKandukuri – The Blue Dawn ,  Andhra Pradesh
268 Divya S. Sarathy, Tamil Nadu
269 Divya SM, Delhi
270 DolonGanguly, West Bengal
271 Dr Alana Golmei, Director, Pann Nu Foundation
272 Dr Annie Thomas, National Board Member,SWR,YWCA OF INDIA
273 Dr BenzirTamboli, Muslim StyshodhakMahilaManch Maharashtra
274 Dr K.Rajani, NFIW
275 Dr Manasi Baheti ,Aurangabad , NFIW
276 Dr Mohammed Baber Ali,DU,Delhi
277 Dr Nikita Sud, University of Oxford, UK
278 Dr pragyayadav , RMM global hospital aburoad, Rajasthan
279 Dr R.S.Dahiya President , Haryana Gyan Vigyan Samiti
280 Dr Sabina Martins,BailanchoSaad,Goa
281 Dr Shakuntala David
282 Dr V Rukmini Rao
283 Dr.BanojyotsnaLahiri
284 Dr.Benazeer Shamsuddin Tamboli, Muslim Satyashodhak Mandal’s Muslim MahilaManch. Pune-411008 Maharashtra
285 Dr. Ismail Babu Nadaf, Karnataka
286 Dr.Jaheeda Begum, GDC HayathnagarR.R.dist Telangana
287 Dr.KamaxiBhate , Maharashtra
288 Dr.Lissy Joseph, National Workers Movement, Hyderabad, Telangana
289 Dr. M U Farooque, Independent Activist, Delhi
290 Dr.MedhaPuraoSamant. CMD, Annapurna Pariwar
291 Dr.NargeezSulthana, Tamilnadu
292 Dr.Rafat Seema. Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee
293 Dr.SudhanyaDGMukherjee, west bengal
294 Dr.SwarnamalaSirsi, SamataVedike, Karnataka
295 Dr. Veena Shatrugna, Telangana
296 Dr.Zarin Desai, Life Member, All India Medical Assn., Life Member Federation of gynaecology and obstetrics Societies of India, Gujarat
297 Dr.AnuradhaReddi,Mumbai , NFIW
298 Dr.D.Sujatha, Doctor, NFIW
299 Dr.S.Seethalakshmi, independent researcher, Telangana
300 Dr.Syed Mahar ul Hasan Naqvi ,Wada Na Todo Abhiyan, Madhya Pradesh.
301 Dr.Vijayasantha Kumari, Doctor, NFIW
302 Dr.Vishwanath Azad, Jharkhand Sarvodaya Mitra Mandal M
303 Dyuti A, Researcher, Delhi
304 Dyuti Chakravarty, PhD Scholar, University College Dublin
305 E.Ramadevi-Kothagudam, NFIW
306 Elin Archana Lakra, Jharkhand
307 Elina Horo, Adivasi Women’s Network, Jharkhand
308 Elizabeth George
309 Elizabeth Khumallambam, Nari Shakti Manch ( Society for Labour and Development), New Delhi
310 Elizabeth Khumallambam, Nari Shakti Manch ( Society for Labour and Development), New Delhi
311 Elizabeth Seshadri, Advocate, Tamilnadu
312 Elsy Jaison  ,YWCA of Bangalore City,Karnataka
313 Eswarappa.M
314 Eva Rashmi Bara, Crossbridge, Maharashtra
315 FaimidaRangareddy, NFIW
316 Fareeda AM, Kerala
317 Farhat Ali
318 Farida Abdulla Khan, Jamia Millia Islamia (retired)
319 Farzana, New Delhi
320 Fathima Nizaruddin (filmmaker), Delhi
321 Fatima Babu, Social Activist, Tamil Nadu
322 Fernanda cj
323 Freny Manecksha,  Maharashtra
324 G Kaveri Homemaker Karnataka
325 G. Sarada, NFIW
326 G.Arunima JNU, Delhi
327 G.Pavitra, Anantapur District, NFIW
328 G.Varamma-Medchal, NFIW
329 GamanaMahilaSamuha, Karnataka
330 Gargi Vairagare, RISE, Maharashtra
331 Gauri shankar, uttarpradesh
332 Gaya, nfiw
333 Gayasuddin Ansari, Uttar Pradesh
334 Gayatri Dewan, Ashoka
335 Gayatri, NFIW
336 Gdamma, Karnool District, NFIW
337 Geeta katagidharwad Hubli dist, NFIW
338 Geeta Mahajan, National Federation of Indian Women, Maharashtra
339 Geeta menonStreeJagruti samiti
340 Geeta Thatra, Bebaak Collective, New Delhi
341 General. secretary YWCA Calicut,Kerala
342 Girija Godbole, Maharashtra
343 GirijaMedchal , NFIW
344 Gita Chadha
345 Gopalji Pradhan, DTI, Delhi
346 Govind Kelkar, ED, GenDev Centre, Gurgaon, India.
347 Greeshma Gireesh, New Delhi
348 Gudem Laxmi-Karimnagar, NFIW
349 Gulafshan, Jama Masjid, NFIW
350 Gulnaz Malled, Karnataka
351 Gurbax kaur, N.F.I.W,  Jallandhar
352 Gurmeet Kaur, Uttar Pradesh
353 Gurpreet Sidhu.NCR and Goa
354 Hardika
355 Haritha Saranga, Karnataka
356 Harjeetkaur, delhi
357 Harjit kaur ,  N.F.I.W ,   TaranTaran
358 Harjit kaur , N.F.I.W, Fazlika , Punjab
359 Harsharanjit,  N.F.I.W. , Patiala  , Punjab
360 Harshita
361 Harshita, Delhi
362 Hasina Khan, Bebaak Collective
363 Hema Swaminathan, IIMB, Karnataka
364 HemlataMahishwar, Akhil Bhartiya Dalit LekhikaManch, New Delhi
365 HenaFaqurudheen, Hank Nunn Institutes, Delhi
366 HenaSaiyada, Mumbai, Maharashtra
367 Hiba Riyaz Karnataka State
368 Himalika, New Delhi
369 Himshi Singh, Himdhara Collective, Himachal Pradesh
370 Honey Oberoi Vahali Ambedkar University Delhi
371 Hsina khan
372 IlmaKhanan, New Delhi
373 Inayat Singh Kakar, Delhi
374 Indira C, Delhi
375 Indira K
376 Indira Unninayar, Advocate Supreme Court And Delhi High Court
377 Indira, NFIW
378 Indra Bhatia, Delhi
379 Ipsita Mohanty
380 ishannaqvi
381 Ishita Chakravarty, West Bengal
382 J Prasad, Karnataka
383 J.Lalitha Anganwadi, NFIW
384 J.Laxmi-Medchal, NFIW
385 Jahnavi Pai, Karnataka
386 Janaki Abraham, Delhi University
387 Janaki Nair
388 Jangamma-Yadadri, NFIW
389 Jashodhara Dasgupta, New Delhi
390 Jasleenkaur, haryana
391 Jasmine, Pune
392 Jaswant kaur, delhi
393 Jaya bharti
394 Jaya Bharti, Rajasthan
395 Jaya Kumari, JHARKHAND
396 Jaya Sagade,  Maharashtra
397 Jayalakshmi, Anantapur District, NFIW
398 Jayalakshmi, Chitoor District, NFIW
399 Jayashree Nandi, New Delhi
400 Jeet kumari, N.F.I.W, Ludhiana, Punjab
401 Jeevika , Lawyer, Delhi
402 Jharna
403 Jiji Jennet , YWCA of SulthanBathery, Wayanad Kerala
404 Joginder, N.F.I.W, Fazlika , Punjab
405 Johanna Lokhande, Maharashtra
406 Joy Grace Syiem, Meghalaya
407 Jyothi A. NFIW, Karnataka
408 Jyothi Natrajan,state executive member,Nashik, NFIW
409 Jyoti Bahen, Chetna Bharti, Chatra- Jharkhand
410 Jyoti Goyal, Haryana
411 Jyoti Salesian Missionaries of Mary Immaculate Jalalpur, NawadihChapra,Bihar
412 Jyotsna Mali ,Pune
413 K. Padma, Advocate, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
414 K. Sahaya, Women & Transgender Oras JAC
415 K. Swathi, NFIW
416 K.Baby, NFIW
417 K.Krishnaveni, Tamil Nadu
418 K.Shantha-Jagityal, NFIW
419 K.Shobha Rani-Karimnagar, NFIW
420 K.Sitamahalakshmi, NFIW
421 K.Suguna-Bupalpally,NFIW
422 K.Vinodini, Nellur District, NFIW
423 Kalavathi.P
424 Kamal Kishore, Human Right Lawyer, Uttar Pradesh
425 Kamayani Bali Mahabal ,JSA Mumbai, Maharashtra
426 Kamini Tankha, New Delhi
427 Kaneez Fathima, civil rights activist, Hyderabad, Telangana
428 Karen Gabriel, St Stephen’s College, Delhi
429 Karishma Maria, Advocate, Delhi
430 Karthika Anthony, Maharashtra
431 Karuna phillip, rajasthan
432 Karuna, NFIW
433 Kavita Gandhi, Maharashtra
434 Kavitha Lankesh, Karnataka
435 Kavitha N, Karnataka
436 Kavitha srinivasan
437 Kavitha srinivasan, concerned Individual, Karnataka
438 Kavya natarajan, Karnataka
439 Kawaljeet Kaur, Delhi
440 Kawalpreet Kaur, AISA
441 Keerthana M, Telangana
442 Khalidaparveen
443 Khurshid Dalal Maharashtra
444 Khushbu, Pashchim Delhi, NFIW
445 kinjalbanerjee BITS-Pilani Goa
446 Kiran Mittal, Delhi
447 Kiran prakash
448 Kiran Shaheen, Activist, New Delhi.
449 KiranbirValtoha, N.F.I.W, TaranTaran  , Punjab
450 Kirtana Kumar, Karnataka
451 Kirti jain
452 Kirti Nileshvartha, adivasishramikmahilamandal / adivasiekta parishad, maharashtra
453 Kirti Singh,Advocate,Delhi
454 Kochurani Abraham, Kerala
455 KomalSaigal, New Delhi
456 Komal Srivastava, BGVS, Rajasthan
457 Kotamma, suryapet, NFIW
458 Koushika Balakrishnan Tamil Nadu
459 KoyelM, West Bengal
460 Krishna bai Zunjur,Thane District, NFIW
461 Krishna Roy. West Bengal
462 Kriti Budhiraja, New Delhi
463 Kritika
464 Kulwant  kaur, N.F.I.W, Ludhiana, Punjab
465 Kulwant kaur, N.F.I.W , Amritsar Rural, Punjab
466 Kumari Archana , Jharkhand
467 Kumari, NFIW
468 Kunjamma Mathew, Haryana
469 Kurshida, Anantapur District, NFIW
470 Kushal Bhaura,N.F.I.W, Bathinda, Punjab
471 Kusum Sehgal Swastik Mahila Samiti, Delhi
472 Kusumam Joseph
473 KusumLata Delhi
474 LaboniSingh,Delhi
475 Lakshmi A, Karnataka
476 Lakshmi Devi BSNL, NFIW
477 Lakshmi Devi, Anantapur District, NFIW
478 Lakshmi Krishnamurty, Alarippu, Bangalore
479 Lata BhiseSonawane ,state secretary, Pune , NFIW
480 Lata BhiseSonawane, State secretary NFIW, Maharashtra
481 Lata Singh, JNU, Delhi
482 Latha Ramji, Karnataka
483 Lathadevi-Khammam, NFIW
484 Lavanya Shanbhogue
485 Laxmi Chetri, the action Northeast Trust, Assam
486 Laxmi Murthy, Journalist, Karnataka
487 Laxmi-Suryapet, NFIW
488 Lidwin Dias,  Nirmala Niketan   Mumbai
489 Lisa Pires, Presentation Sisters, GOA
490 Litty T T, U P
491 Loretta Rodrigues, Goa
492 Lova Ratnam, NFIW
493 M Jayamma AITUC Karnataka State Committee
494 M. Vijaya, NFIW
495 M.Nalindi-Adilabad, NFIW
496 M.Ratnakumari, NFIW
497 M.Sadalaxmi-center
498 M.Swarooparani-Nizamabad, NFIW
499 Maansi Verma, Delhi
500 Madhavi Kuckreja Uttar Pradesh
501 Madhu Bhushan, Women’s rights activist,  Karnataka
502 Madhu, West Delhi, NFIW
503 Madhur Bharatiya, Uttar Pradesh
504 Madhura Toppo
505 Madhuri honagekar,
506 Madhuri, Jagrit Adivasi Dalit Sangathan, Madhya Pradesh
507 Maharani, East Delhi, NFIW
508 Malarvizhi M, KARNATAKA
509 Malavika Rajkotia
510 MaleehaRaghaviah, YWCA, Calicut, Kerala
511 Malika Virdi, Uttarakhand MahilaManch, Uttarakhand
512 Malini Ghose, Delhi
513 Malini Subramaniam, Independent Journalist, Hyderabad
514 Malleshwari, suryapet, NFIW
515 MalobikaSanyal
516 Malvika Mohan, Juhi Associates, Maharashtra
517 Mamata Dash, Activist, Delhi
518 MamtaJaitly, Vividha Features, Jaipur
519 Mamta Singh, LIFE, Uttar Pradesh
520 Manasi Marathe, Maharashtra
521 Manisha Ahlawat, U.P.
522 Manisha Chaudhry, Delhi
523 Manisha Gupte, Maharashtra
524 Manjit kaur, N.F.I.W. , Sangrur  , Punjab
525 Manjit kaur,N.F.I.W ,  Faridkot , Punjab
526 Manjit kaurN.F.I.W Mansa , Punjab
527 Manju Devi, Ekta Sangharsh Vahini Jalalpur, NawadihChapra,Bihar
528 Manju Mohandas, Delhi
529 Manjula Pradeep, Gujarat
530 Manjula, Chitoor District, NFIW
531 Manpreet Kaur, Delhi
532 Manshi Asher, KangraNagrikSangathan.
533 Manushi Yadav, Rajasthan.
535 Mariam Dhawale, All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA)
537 Marion Mathew,St.Mary’s Inter College,Prayagraj.Uttar Pradesh
538 Mariyam, Delhi
539 MaroonaMurmu, West Bengal
540 Mary George K, Jharkhand
541 Mary M. M. Jharkhand
542 Mary Mathew, Jharkhand
543 Mary Saldhana, Maharashtra
544 Masooda Begum
545 MasoomaRanalvi,Founder WESPEAKOUT
546 Mathew Thomas Karnataka
547 Mausumi Das, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi
548 Maya Devi, West Delhi, NFIW
549 Maya Layek (Jharkhand) AIDWA
550 Meena G, Maharashtra
551 Meena Saraswathi Seshu, Maharashtra.
552 Meenakshi Sinha, Delhi
553 MeenalManolika
554 MeenuDeswal, Delhi
555 MeenuVadera
556 Meera Johri, Delhi
557 Meghna Singh, New Delhi
558 Melita D’Souza Maharashtra
559 Minakshi Bombarde ,Bhandara, NFIW
560 Mini Saxena, National Law University Delhi, Delhi
561 Mira BakhruexIIMBProf ,Bangalore,Karnatika
562 Miss RubyJharkand
563 Mithlesh, North West, NFIW
564 Mona, South Delhi, NFIW
565 MonishaBehal.
566 Monisha Ghosh
567 Moushumi Basu, Jawaharlal Nehru University.Delhi
568 Mrinalini Ravindranath, Delhi
569 Mrs. Delvi, friends foundation, Karnataka
570 Mrs.SarahKalaiyarasi ,.    , Tamilnadu state,. Chennai Dist
571 Ms Betty Ipe , National Vice President , YWCA of India
572 Ms. Lokesh
573 Ms.MedhaTengshe, Pune,Maharashtra state
574 Mubashira Zaidi, Delhi
575 Mukta Srivastava
576 Mumtaz Shaikh, Mahila Mandal Federation Mumbai
577 Mumtaz Sheikh, Mahila Mandal Federation , Mumbai
578 Muneerunnisa, Bangalore, karnataka
579 Munnalaxmikumari-Kothagudam, NFIW
580 Musarrath Banu K
581 N. Bramaramba, Eastgodavary District, NFIW
582 N.Jagadamba, West Godavary District, NFIW
583 N.Jyothi-cen canter
584 N.Ramasubbayamma, NFIW
585 Nadiya, Chitoor District, NFIW
586 NafisaBarot,  utthan,  gujarat
587 NafisaBharmal
588 Nagalakshmi, NFIW
589 Nageswaramma, Karnool District, NFIW
590 Nagma
591 Nagmani Rao, Pune Maharashtra
592 Naju Vakil   Karnataka
593 Nalini Nayak, Assoc. Professor (Retd), Delhi University,  Delhi
594 Nancy Frida, Delhi
595 Nanda Jadhav ,Mumbai , NFIW
596 Nandini Chandrasekaran, Mumbai, Maharashtra
597 Nandini Narula
598 Nandini Nayak, Ambedkar University, Delhi.
599 Nandita Narain, Democratic Teachers’ Front, Delhi University, Delhi.
600 Narinder Pal, N.FI.W, TaranTaran . Punjab
601 Narinder Sohal ,  N.F.I.W, Moga , Punjab
602 Nasreen, Bharatiya Muslim MahilaAndolan, Karnataka
603 Nastasia, Delhi
604 Natasha Iype, Karnataka
605 Nawasha Mishra, Secretariat Right to Food, Campaign, Delhi
606 Nayantara Raja, Karnataka
607 Nazima Shahid Shaikh, Mumbai Maharashtra
608 Nazma, New Delhi
609 Neelam Gupta
610 Neelima P A, Individual, Bangalore
611 Neenasharma state president all india democratic women’s organisation madhyapradesh
612 Neeta Hardikar, Gujarat
613 Neeta Sharma Haryana
614 NehaPathania,  N.F.I.W,  Pathankot, Punjab
615 Nesar Ahmed, PUCL, Rajasthan
616 Nidhi Agrawal, Activist, New Delhi.
617 Nidhi gulati, Delhi
618 Nidhi Joshi, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh-as Individual
619 Niksha Babu, Kerala
620 Nilanjana Bhattacharjee, Researcher
621 Nimmi Chauhan, Gujarat
622 Nina Verma –  Maharashtra
623 Nirmala Alfonso.. Karwar dist, NFIW
624 Nirmala Jennifer Rebello,  Goa.
625 Nirmala Pawar,Thane Samiti , NFIW
626 Nisha
627 Nisha Biswas , Feminists in Resistance
628 Nisha Sidhu, NFIW, Rajasthan
629 Nisha Tiwari, JNU, Delhi
630 Nisha, New Delhi
631 Nishagulur, Samastha , Karnataka
632 NitikaKhaitan, PUDR, Delhi
633 Nitika Meena, Delhi
634 Nitya Kaushik, Maharashtra
635 Nivedita jha, Patna, NFIW
636 Noor Mohammed, Rajasthan
637 Noushad, West Delhi, NFIW
638 Nupur Shankar, Karnataka
639 Nusrat Parveen, South Delhi, NFIW
640 O.Bharathi, NFIW
641 Ojasvi Sharma , New Delhi .
642 OliullahLaskar, Assam
643 P. Durgabhavani, NFIW
644 P. Durgamba, NFIW From Srikakulam District
645 P. Rani, NFIW
646 P. Sandhya Kumari, NFIW
647 P.Kalavati-Khammam, NFIW
648 P.Sugunamma-Jangoan, NFIW
649 Padmaja Shaw, Telangana
650 Padma-Manchirial, NFIW
651 Padmapriya, Delhi
652 Padmini Kumar Independent
653 Padmini Meshram from Durg Chhattisgarh
654 Pallavi Pratibha, Ranchi, Jharkhand.
655 Parkavi , TAMIL NADU
656 Paroma ray, West Bengal
657 Parvathi Prasad, Anantapur District, NFIW
658 Parveen kaur, N.F.I.W.,  Amritsar city, Punjab
659 Parveen Nabi, Uttar Pradesh
660 Parveen Sharma,N.F.I.W.,  Amritsar city, Punjab
661 Parveen, West delhi        NFIW
662 Patricia D’Souza, Maharashtra
663 Paulina TutiYouva Chetna Munch, Chatra, Jharkhand
664 Pearl Malhotra, IIM Bangalore
665 PeehuPardeshi, Pehel Foundation, Maharashtra
666 Peggy Devaraj, karnataka
667 Pervin Jehangir
668 Philo kottoor
669 Philo Thomas, Women’s Welfare center, Pune, Maharashtra
670 Philomena John, West Delhi, NFIW
671 PonniArasu, Tamilnadu
672 PonnuthaiSappaniKalanjium Women Farmers Association, Tamil Nadu
673 Pooja, N.F.I.W ,  Chandigarh
674 Poorvi Kulkarni, Maharashtra
675 Pradeep Esteves, Karnataka
676 Pragati Kulkarni, Maharashtra.
677 Prajakta Kuwalekar
678 Prajakta yogeshyadav-solaskar (samata co-ordinator)Bhartgyan Vigyan Samuday Maharashtra
679 Prajnya Trust, Chennai
680 Prajval Shastri, astrophysicist, Karnataka
681 PrajwalaTatte, shetkarisanghatna
682 Pramiladevi-Peddapally, NFIW
683 Pramoda Hazare. madhurinevagiri. nisha Mohan patil.belgaumdist, NFIW
684 Pratikshya Priyadarshini, Feminist Researcher, Odisha
685 Pratishtha Pandya, Gujarat
686 Pratishtha Pandya, Gujarat
687 Preeti Singh
688 Prerna, Delhi
689 Pritichandriani Maharashtra
690 PritiSarv Maharashtra
691 Priya Agarwal, Delhi
692 Priyangee, Assam
693 Priyanka Korde, Research Scholar, TISS, Mumbai
694 Priyanka Kumble, New Delhi
695 Prof Ritu Dewan,  Mumbai
696 Prof Roop Rekha Verma, SaajhiDuniya, Lucknow
698 Purnima Gupta, Delhi
699 Purnima-Manchirial, NFIW
700 PurtiLakhode ,Amravati, NFIW
701 Pushpa Lata Delhi
702 Pushpa Saini, Rajasthan
703 Pushpa singhconsutantmadhyapradesh
704 Pushya Ramesh, Tamil Nadu
705 R.Manohar Human Rights Defenders Alert India Karnataka
706 R.Sailaja Middy Meals, NFIW
707 R.Srividya-Warangal(urban), NFIW
708 Rabya, Uttar Pradesh
709 Rachana Joshi Issar, AOR (Supreme Court), Delhi.
710 Rachana Mudraboyina, Telangana Hijra Intersex Transgender Samiti
711 Radha Mohan,
712 Radha, South Delhi, NFIW
713 Radha-Jagityal GB, NFIW
714 Radhika Desai, Telangana
715 Radhika Khajuria, Women & Health Activist, New Delhi
716 Radhika Menon, Academic, New Delhi
717 RajaKumari-Adilabad, NFIW
718 Rajamani-KamaReddy, NFIW
719 Rajamani-Yadadri, NFIW
720 Rajani Rao Santosh
721 Rajashri Dasgupta, Sachetana, Kolkata
722 Rajinderpalkaur , NFIW, TaranTaran, Punjab
723 Rajita Menon, New Delhi
724 RajluxmiVaish
725 Rakhi Sehgal, New Delhi
726 Rama Devi, Noida, NFIW
727 Ramanamma, Kadapa District, NFIW
728 Ramlal Bhatt, Chandigarh
729 Ramwati, Rajasthan
730 Ranjana Padhi, Social Activist, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
731 Ranjani Mazumdar, Professor, Cinema Studies, scool of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU, Delhi.
732 Ranjita Biswas, West Bengal
733 Ranjitha Gowda Bangalore
734 Ranu Jain, Mumbai, Maharashtra
735 Rashmi Paliwal, Madhya Pradesh
736 Ratan Kour, North Delhi, NFIW
737 Ratnaboli Ray
738 Ratnamma, Chitoor District, NFIW
739 Ravi Kanta  N.F.I.W, Ludhiana, Punjab
740 Ravinderjit  N.F.I.W, Patiala , Punjab
741 ReanaThomas, YWCA of Trivandrum, Kerala state .
742 Reethamma  Abraham,  Gujarat
743 Rehana Begam, West Delhi, NFIW
744 Rekha Awasthi
745 Rekha Sharma  N.F.I.W ,   Mansa , Punjab
746 Rekha,  N.F.I.W ,  Gurdaspur, Punjab
747 Renu Shukla, New Delhi
748 Renu, West  Delhi, NFIW
749 Renuka Pamecha, WRG, Jaipur
750 Reshmi Devi, Mahila Multi Sangharsh Samiti, Chatra Dist. Jharkhand
751 Reva Y, Karnataka
752 Richa Audichya, Jan Chetna Sansthan, Rajasthan
753 Richa Audichya, Rajasthan
754 Richa Chandra
755 Richa rastogi UP
756 Richa Singh, Uttar Pradesh
757 Richa, Jan Chetna Sansthan,Rajasthan
758 Rijuta Prashant Joshi, Maharashtra
759 Rina Kamath Citizen of India Maharashtra
760 Rita Manchanda, New Delhi
761 Ritu Dewan, Mumbai
762 Ritu Haryana
763 Ritu Menon
764 RituMukundan Home maker.
765 RituVaruni, Himachal Pradesh
766 Ritu, Haryana
767 Rizwaana,Srilakshmi, Nellur District, NFIW
768 Rohini Hensman, independent scholar, Maharashtra
769 Roja,Sk.Lalbi, NFIW
770 Roma, All india union of Forest working people
771 Roma, All India Union of Forest Working people
772 Romila, Journalist, NFIW
773 Ronjini Ray, New Delhi
774 Rosa Merlyn Karikunnel, Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit, Maharashtra
775 Rosalind Tamil Nadu
776 Roselle Solomon – YWCA of Goa
777 Rosemary viswanath, karnataka
778 Roshni Kutty, ATREE, Bangalore, Karnataka
779 RudranilBasu, West Bengal
780 Ruhi Saith, Goa
781 Ruhul Amin, Assam
782 rukmanisonwane , St scobcsamyuktmorcha, pithora, छत्तीसगढ़,
783 Rukmini iyer, Maharashtra
784 Rumana Khan, New Delhi
785 Rupinder kaur, N.F.I.W , TaranTaran , Punjab
786 Rupsa Mallik, CREA, Delhi
787 Rushda Siddiqi, North Delhi, NFIW
788 S Durga Bhavani Hyderabad Telangana
789 S. Devika, Advocate, Tamil Nadu
790 S.Chayadevi-Hyderabad,NFIW
791 S.Pushpakumari, NFIW
792 S.Rama, journalist, Sakshi Telugu news daily
793 S.Ravamma, NFIW
794 S.V. Raghurama Rao, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Karnataka.
795 S.Vijaya-Warangal(Rural), NFIW
796 Saba Dave, MKSS/ School for Democracy, Delhi
797 Sabah qadrisecundrabad
798 Sabiha Anjum
799 Sabina Martin
800 Sabita Chanda New Delhi
801 Sachidanand Sinha, Professor, JNU
802 Sadaf Jafar
803 Sadhna Saxena, Delhi
804 Sadique Jahan, Individual Jharkhandi
805 Sagari R Ramdas, Food Sovereignty Alliance, India. State: Telangana
806 Sagari Ramdas, Food Sovereignty Alliance
807 SagunaShrimal Ahmednagar , NFIW
808 Sahayini Social Development Society
809 Sahba
810 Saima S Hussain, Delhi (NCT)
811 Saldanha valeriana molly( sr.Usha) karnataka
812 SamaaKalsia, Delhi
813 Sambalaxmi-Mahabubabad,NFIW
814 Samina Mishra, Delhi
815 Sampada Nayak, New Delhi
816 SamvidanadaHaadiyalli, Karnataka
817 Sandhya Gautam, NAMHHR, Delhi
818 Sandhya gokhale , Forum Against Oppression of Women, mumbai
819 Sandhya Kumari,  Associate Professor,  Galgotias University,  Uttar Pradesh
820 Sandhya Lakshmi C, New Delhi
821 Sandhya Panaskar , Maharashtra.
822 sandhyaphadkeMaharadhtra
823 sandhyashaily, Vice President, All India Democratic Womens Association , Madhya Pradesh
824 Sandhya Srinivasan, Sakshara Trust
825 Sandhya, Stree Mukti Sangthan, Delhi
826 Sangeeta Chatterji, Johns Hopkins University, Maharashtra
827 Sangeeta Gopalan,Kerala
828 Sangita Malshe, Maharashtra
829 SanklpanaKarhade, Thane district, NFIW
830 Santosh Brar, N.F.I.W ,  Jallandhar, Punjab
831 Santosh Sharma
832 Sanyasingh, delhi
833 Sapana , Karnataka
834 Sarah Mathews, Sankalp Women’s Support Alliance
835 Saraswathi Prabhavathi, NFIW From Vijayanagaram District
836 Sarika shrivastava, National federation of indian women(madhyapradesh), madhyapradesh
837 Sarita BasariaMahilaMukthi Sangharsh Samithi,Chatra Jharkhand
838 Sarita KobnaMahilaMukthi Sangharsh Samithi Chatra  Jharkhand
839 Sarita Sahoo VP East, YWCA OF INDIA, NEW Delhi, member  YWCA OF CUTTACK, ODISHA
840 Saroj Murtijapurkar ,Akole, NFIW
841 Saroja, Anantapur District, NFIW
842 Saswati Ghosh, West Bengal
843 Sathish Reginald Samuel, India Greens Party, Karnataka
844 Sathya priya, Student from IIT Madras
845 SaumyaBaijal
846 Savita rath, Jan Chetna Manch, R, Chattiagarh
847 Savitri-Siddipet, NFIW
848 Sayantan Datta, Queer feminist activist, Hyderabad
849 Seema
850 Seema Kulkarni Maharashtra
851 Seema Marmath, TISS Mumbai, Maharashtra
852 Seema Sohal, N.F.I.W , TaranTaran , Punjab
853 seema, Madhya Pradesh MahilaManch
854 Sejal Dave, Gujarat
855 Selwin Rebello, Maharashtra
856 Sen Gupta, Telangana.
857 SethuLekshmi, Assistant professor,Kerala
858 Shagufta Bengaluru Karnataka
859 Shah Nandita, Maharashtra
860 Shaheela Maharashtra
861 Shahida Khatoon, Uttar Pradesh
862 ShahiraNaim
863 Shahjahan, South Delhi, NFIW
864 Shailza, Lawyer, Delhi
865 Shakuntala Kour, North West, NFIW
866 Shalaka Bhandarkar, Maharashtra
867 Shalini Krishan, Goa
868 Shalini Sharma, Haryana
869 Shamila Siddiqui, Goa
870 Shamim Bano khan ,Bhandara, NFIW
871 Shampa Sengupta, West Bengal
872 Shanti picardo, teacher, West bengal. I fully endorse it
873 SharachchandraLele, ATREE, Karnataka
874 Sharada Ganesh, Karnataka
875 SharanyaGopinathan, writer, journalist, Kerala
876 Sharanya, farmer and activist, Koraput, Odisha
877 Sharanya, Koraput, Odisha
878 Sharifa Siddiqui Telangana
879 SharmadipBasu, Azim Premji University, Karnataka
880 Sharnjitkaur, N.F.I.W, Amritsar Rural  , Punjab
881 Shashi Mehta Maharashtra
882 shebachhachhi,delhi
883 Sheela Sinha
884 Sheelu Francis, Women’s Collective, Tamil Nadu
885 ShehnazQadri, North Delhi, NFIW
886 Sheila Bharti, South Delhi, NFIW
887 Shiba Minai, Hyderabad, Telangana
888 Shikha Sen, Uttar Pradesh.
889 Shilpi Gulati, Delhi
890 Shilpi Sharma, Delhi
891 Shinder kaur N.F.I.W Moga , Punjab
892 Shipra nigam, research scholar, new delhi.
893 Shiraz Dastoor,  Maharashtra
894 Shiulibhattacharya,Bihar
895 Shivani Pal President (Jharkhand) AIDWA
896 Shivani Thakur
897 Shivani-Hyderabad, NFIW
898 Shobha advocate delhi
899 Shobha Kaur
900 Shobha Rani Karnataka
901 Shobha, independent reearcher and artist, karnataka
902 Shraddha Mahilkar, Individual, Delhi
903 Shradha T K Lama, student Delhi University, Sikkim
904 Shreya Venkatraman, Chhattisgarh
905 Shruti Iyer, Student, Karnataka
906 Shubha Chacko
907 Shubha Jindel, PUCL, Rajasthan
908 Shubha pal bahl, haryana
909 Shubhangi MKSS
910 Shubhangi Singh, Women’s Rights Lawyer, Uttar Pradesh
911 Shubhi J, Madhya Pradesh
912 Shweta Damle,  Platform For Social Justice,  Maharashtra
913 Shweta R, Karnataka
914 Shweta singhMaharahtra
915 Shyam Lal Bhil, Rajasthan
916 Siddharth K J, Independent Researcher, Bengaluru, Karnataka
917 Siddiqui humaira
918 Simerjitkaur ,N.F.I.W, Moga , Punjab
919 Simran Bodh, University of Delhi, NCT Delhi
920 Simrita Gopal Singh, Maharashtra
921 Sinchita Roy, Delhi
922 Sindhu Thirumalaisamy, artist, Tamil Nadu
923 Siva Lakshmi
924 Sivakami Sivakumar
925 Sk. Basheerunnisa, NFIW
926 Sk. Begam, NFIW
927 Sk. Chanbibi, NFIW
928 Sk. Haseena, Karnool District, NFIW
929 Sk. Maddi Manikyam, NFIW
930 Sk.Ashabi, Anantapur District, NFIW
931 Sk.Munni, Kadapa District, NFIW
932 Smita Gupta, Independent Economist, New Delhi
933 Smita Pansare, state President, NFIW, Maharashtra
934 SmitaPansare,state president , Ahmednagar , NFIW
935 SmitaPremchander, Karnataka
936 SmitaShendye, Madhya Pradesh.
937 Smriti, Mumbai, India
938 SnehalKamblekolhapur ,nfiw
939 Snehal Shah, Researcher, New Delhi
940 Snehal Thakkar, Maharashtra
941 Sobha Rani T , University of Hyderabad Telangana
942 Soma Roy Karmakar, RAHI Foundation, Kolkata
943 Sona Mitra, Researcher, Delhi
945 Sonam Chaturvedi, New Delhi
946 SoniSori, Chattisgarh
947 Sonika Nakkala, Telangana state
948 Sr Daisy, SMI, Delhi
949 Sr. Jane, S C N , Patna Archdiocesan Mahila Sangh dctresz
950 Sr.Denin
951 SteganaJency .L.T.
952 Stella Issac, Kalanjium Unorganised Workers Union, Tamil Nadu
953 Subasri Krishnan, Delhi.
954 Subbalakshmi.. NFIW
955 Subuhi Naseem, Uttar Pradesh
956 Sudaroli, Chennai
957 Sudeepa das
958 Sudeshna Sengupta, Independent Researcher and Consultant, NCR
959 Sudha delhi
960 Sudha Goparaju, Telangana
961 Sudha N, Independent, Karnataka
962 Sufi ,Pune, NFIW
963 Sugandha Agnani, Delhi
964 Sujata Gothoskar, Mumbai, Maharashtra
965 Sujata Madhok, Journalist, New Delhi
966 Sujata Mody, New Trade Union Initiative
967 Sujata Patel  IIAS Himachal Pradesh
968 Sujata Raghavan, Delhi
969 Sujatha Surepally
970 Sukhada Chaudhary, Maharashtra
971 Sukhrajkaur, N.F.I.W, TaranTaran  , Punjab
972 Sulatai Patil, Thane Samiti, NFIW
973 Sumedha Bhattacharyya NEW DELHI
974 Sumeet Kaur
975 Sumeet Kaur
976 Sumi Krishna, Karnataka
977 Sumit and tanikasarkar
978 Sumitra Sinha, East Delhi, NFIW
979 Sumitra, N.F.I.W, Fazlika , Punjab
980 Sunanda Bhat, Songline Films, Karnataka
981 Sunanda Sen   Haryana state
982 Sundari Perumal Tamilnadu Resource Team, Tamil Nadu
983 Sunita Amrutsagar , state joint secretary, Kolhapur, NFIW
984 Sunita Bandewar
985 sunitadewanganchhattisgarhsanskritimahila samiti
986 Sunita Sharma revdar
987 Sunita Singh Utter Pradesh
988 Sunita vaualipara. Jharkhand state
989 Sunita, South Delhi, NFIW
990 Suphia Shakeel Uttarakhand
991 Supriya Jan Activist Mumbaii
992 Supriya Kumar, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi
993 SupriyaMadangarli, Kerala
994 Suresh Rajamani , Mahararashtra
995 Surjit  Kalra , N.F.I.W, Chandigarh
996 Susan Koshy
997 SushilaSahay,Patna, NFIW
999 Sushma Varma, Karnataka
1000 Susy George, Kerala
1001 Svati Joshi,  Gujarat
1002 Svati Shah
1003 Swarna Rajagopalan, Prajnya Trust, Tamil Nadu
1004 Swarnali Das, Maharashtra
1005 SwarupaManjunatha
1006 Swati Kshirsagar, Kolhapur, NFIW
1007 Swati Nayan Gaikwad ,Akole, NFIW
1008 Swati Singh, the lucknow book club, uttarpradesh
1009 Swatija Paranjape Forum Against Oppression of Women , Maharashtra
1010 SyedaRahmath Banu. Bazme-e Niswan charitable trust.
1011 T.Nirmaladevi-Khammam, NFIW
1012 T.Rahela-Warangal(urban), NFIW
1013 Tamnna Inamdar, Muslim StyshodhakMahilaManch, Maharashtra
1014 TanushreeGanhopsdhyay, Punarutthan,Gujarat
1015 Tanvi Bongale
1016 Tanvi Krishnakumar, Maharashtra
1017 Tara Krishnaswamy, Karnataka
1018 Tara Rai, Ashoka University, Haryana.
1019 Tarranum, Jama Masjid, NFIW
1020 Tarun Sagar, Anhad, Delhi.
1021 Tarun Yadav, Rajasthan
1022 TashiChoedup, Bodhgaya
1023 Tavishi Bhatia
1024 Teena Gill, Delhi
1025 TejaswiniKalmegh, Maharashtra
1026 Titas Ghosh, feminist activist, New Delhi
1027 Tridib Reeves, West Bengal
1028 Trishna Senapati, PUCL, Rajasthan
1029 TulikaMehra
1030 Tultul Biswas, Madhya Pradesh MahilaManch, Bhopal (MP)
1031 U.Srujana-center
1032 Uma Mahajan HPVAM Himachal Pradesh
1033 Uma Ravikumar, Maharashtra
1034 Umme Asma Shariff Karnataka State
1035 Urmimala Sarkar. Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
1036 Urvashi Vashist, Nirantar, New Delhi
1037 Usha  Telangana
1038 Usha Athaley, IPTA, Chhattisgarh
1039 Usha Devi, Noida, NFIW
1040 Usha Waghmare,Raigad , NFIW
1041 Utpala Shukla PUCL UP
1042 V,Jayalakshmi , NFIW
1043 V.Syamala, NFIW
1044 Vadakkumcherry  Joseph Elsy
1046 Vaishali Janarthanan, Maharashtra
1047 Vaishali Zararia, SAHAJ
1048 Vaishali Zararia, SAHAJ, Gujarat
1049 Vandana
1050 vandanakulkarni , maharashtra
1051 Vanita Mukherjee, Concerned citizen
1052 VanitaNarvekar
1053 Vanya Vaidehi
1054 Varalakshmi, Anantapur District, NFIW
1055 Varna Sri Raman, New Delhi
1056 Varsha Bhargavi, Feminist Collective, Telangana
1057 Varsha Chavan,Parbhani, NFIW
1058 Varsha Ganguly, Independent researcher, Gujarat
1059 Varun Aiyer, India
1060 Vasudha Kalyankar, state joint secretary  Aurangabad , NFIW
1061 Veena Bakshi, Maharashtra
1062 Veena Bangalore
1063 Veena Padmanabhan, Haryana
1064 Veena Rana
1065 Vidya Dinker, Citizens Forum for Mangalore Development, Karnataka
1066 Vidya Kore ,state vice president, Thane Smiti
1067 Vidya Venkat, PhD scholar, SOAS, University of London
1068 Vidya, East  Delhi, NFIW
1069 Vijaya Minj, Jharkhand
1070 Vijaya,Chenchamma, Nellur District, NFIW
1071 Vijayalaxmi pandit-Vikarabad, NFIW
1072 Vijayalaxmi-Medchal, NFIW
1073 VIJAYASINGH RONALD DAVID (Alias V.S.Roy David),Coorg Organisation for Rural Development, Karnataka state.
1074 Vijita-Sanga Reddy, NFIW
1075 Vimala Ramachandran
1076 Vimala.k.s all indiajanavadimahilasanghatanekarnataka
1077 Vinatha Viswanathan, Madhya Pradesh
1078 Vinaya Malati Hari, Samata Vigyan Andolan, BGVS, Maharashtra
1079 Vinee Kishore
1080 Vineeta Bal, Pune
1081 Vinoo Hora, NFIW, Delhi
1082 Vishakha, West Delhi, NFIW
1083 VISHALAKSHAMMA Midday Meal Karnataka
1084 Wilma.o.fernandes
1085 YadammaRangareddy, NFIW
1086 YadlaLaksmi, NFIW
1087 Yamini Nibhanupudi, Maharashtra
1088 Yash Budhwar, Maharashtra
1089 Yash Yadav, Rajasthan
1090 Yasmeen Qureshi
1091 Yasmeen, Uttar Pradesh
1092 Zainab Siddiqui Lucknow, UP Mahila Yuwa Adhikaar Manch
1093 Zaira Ahmed Karnataka State
1094 Zebasadia
1095 Zohra Lasania, Telangana State
1096 Zoya Ayub, Delhi
1097 अर्चनाप्रसाद (अशोकनगर), NFIW
1098 इnदुनेताम, आदिवासीसमांतामंच , कांकेर , छत्तीसगढ़
1099 इंदुनेताम, आदिवासीसमतामंच, , कांकेर, छत्तीसगढ़
1100 करुणासोनी(अनूपपुर), NFIW
1101 किरनप्रकाशबोर्डे(सिवनी), NFIW
1102 कुमारीचंद्रकुमारी , दलितअधिकारमंचपाओंगढ़, छत्तीसगढ़
1103 कुमारीरिनारामटेके, नवनिर्माणसमितिगरियाबंदजिल्ला, छत्तीसगढ़
1104 कुमुदनाथगावे, छत्तीसगढ़महिलामंच
1105 कृष्णादुबे, राज्यअध्यक्ष (गुना),NFIW
1106 केवराबाईं,  दलितआदिवासीमंचबलोदाबाजार , छत्तीसगढ़
1107 चंचल, महिलाअधिकारमंच, छत्तीसगढ़
1108 चेतना, NFIW
1109 जयाध्रुवआसरामंचबस्तर, छत्तीसगढ़
1110 ज्योतिगोरे, राजपुर, बड़वानीजिला, NFIW
1111 दीपाभट्ट, सागर, NFIW
1112 दुर्गाझा , छत्तीसगढ़साझामंचरायपुर
1113 नवादितासिंदूरिया, सांझमंच, छत्तीसगढ़
1114 निशामिश्रा, उपाध्यक्ष (जमनाकालरी, अनूपपुरजिला),NFIW
1115 प्रियंका, महिलामुक्तिमोर्चाबिलासपुर, छत्तीसगढ़
1116 प्रीतिझा, कटिहार, NFIW
1117 प्रीतिपूरेनाचेतनामंचरायपुर , छत्तीसगढ़
1118 प्रेमावैशाली, NFIW
1119 बिंदाआजाद, जयरोहिदासमहिलासंगठनजांजगीरचांपा, छत्तीसगढ़-
1120 मंजूपात्रे ,   शिक्षाअधिकारमंचकोरबl, छत्तीसगढ़
1121 ममतासोनवानी ,  दलितअधिकारमंचबिलासपुर, छत्तीसगढ़
1122 मालतीकुवर , संगवारीमंच, रायपुर, छत्तीसगढ़
1123 राजश्रीकिरण, मधुबनी, बिहार, NFIW
1124 राजीमखेवास,  छत्तीसगढ़महिलाकिसानमंच , छत्तीसगढ़
1125 राधादेबनाथ, जमनाकालरी, अनूपपुरजिला, NFIW
1126 रामदुलारीजी, अशोकनगर, NFIW
1127 रामवतीयादव (अनूपपुर),nfiw
1128 रिंकूकुमारी , पटना, NFIW
1129 रिमझिम, छत्तीसगढ़बचाओआंदोलन, छत्तीसगढ़
1130 रीनापात्रे, कोतमा, शहडोलजिला,NFIW
1131 रेखापालिया, गुना, nfiw
1132 ललिताकुमारी, जिलाbegusarai, NFIW
1133 लाड़कुँवर, उज्जैन, NFIW
1134 श्रेया, छत्तीसगढ़बचाओआंदोलन, छत्तीसगढ़
1135 सन्तोषीदेवी, जबलपुर, NFIW
1136 सारिकाश्रीवास्तवराज्यसचिव, इंदौर, NFIW
1137 सिस्टरसुचिता
1138 सीतादेवीवर्मा ,   महिलाचिंगारीसंगठनआरंग, छत्तीसगढ़
1139 सीतावर्माछत्तीसगढ़विकलांगमंच, छत्तीसगढ़
1140 सीमाराजोरिया, अशोकनगर,NFIW
1141 सुनीतामुर्मू – अध्यक्षा, ज्योतिमल्लिक – सचिव, भारतीयमहिलाफेडरेशन, घाटशिलाइकाई, पूर्वीसिंहभूम, झारखंड
1142 सुसंस्कृतिपरिहार, दमोह, NFIW
1143 हेमलता,  छत्तीसगढ़महिलाकिसानमंच  , बलोड़ाबाज़ार, छत्तीसगढ़





1. All India Democratic Women’s Association, Maharashtra
2. All India Domestic Worker Federation (Jharkhand) affiliation for AITUC
3. Stree Mukti Sangathan
4. Feminists in Resistance (FIR), Kolkata, West Bengal
5. Forum Against Oppression of Women, Mumbai
6. Hasratein: a queer collective, New Delhi
7. Indian Christian Women Movement Delhi
8. Jagori Rural Charitable Trust
9. Jharkhand State Workers Women  Union
10. LABIA – A Queer Feminist LBT Collective Mumbai Maharashtra
11. Latifa, Movement for Justice,  Karnataka
12. National Federation of Indian Women
13. Saheli Women’s Resource Centre, New Delhi
14. Society for All Round Development Reodar, Sirohi, Rajsthan
15. Street Mukti Sanghatan
16. Women Against Sexual Violence and State Repression.
17. Young Women Christian Association, Coimbatore
18. YWCA, Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)


[1]Women, trans and queer persons

[2]The updation of the National Population Register is set to be rolled out across the country from April 1, 2020 along with house listing for the Census of India 2021 as per Gazette Notification bearing No. SO 2753(E) dated 31.07.2019 issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) read with Circular No. 6 bearing No. 9/34/2019-CD (CEN) dated 21.09.2019 issued by the Office of the Registrar General, India.

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