4 thoughts on “Bengal 2021, Fascism and the Left(s)”

  1. The ego…the superiority complexes of most of the CPM leaders in Bengal and most importantly, non-acceptability of a leader to the public as a real leader and not a God or snake(both are unapproachable) are ruining this party in Bengal!!Throughout the entire life I have seen this so called left front as a party of economic benefit…no other social issues !! This hollowness of thinking made them mummied and irrelevant now !! Opinion is personal !!

  2. The imperative before the Left though is obvious, continuous exercise in denial that evades proper answers for the looming threat of Hindutva fascism is unfortunate.

  3. Perhaps the CPM cadre is drifting to the BJP and the leadership has had to find an argument to fit this disturbing reality. Both CPM and the BJP are cadre based parties and maybe the left cadre finds familiar set up in the latter. Though I do not have much knowledge about the social background of the former; so this is just speculation

    1. Actually, that is only part of the story. The real thing is that the CPM leadership has legitimized this transition by doing entirely negative anti-TMC politics – a part of their ego-game. So in the 2019 parliament elections, where the BJP and not TMC should have really been the target, even there they encouraged people to vote for BJP.One can only guess about the motives but it does seem that the CPM was imagining that in the event of a non-BJP government at the Centre, Mamata might play a bigger role in national politics if she cornnered a big chunk of the Lok Sabha seats. Otherwise, this position was simply inexpllicable.

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