Accident at Koodankulan Nuclear Reactor, at least 6 Injured

An Urgent Alert has been posted by NITYANAND JAYARAMAN in on an accident that occurred in Koodankulan sometime in the afternoon today.

Koodankulan protest, courtesy New Indian Express
Koodankulan protest, courtesy New Indian Express

After initially flashing news about the incident, the media is now reportedly playing NPCIL’s statements denying and downplaying the incident. If NPCIL’s past record is anything to go by, truth will be a while in coming. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was unavailable for comment.

Today’s accident comes less than a week after the Honourable Supreme Court ruled that it was satisfied with the safety features installed at the plant. Read the rest of the report here.

Koodankulan protest 2, image courtesy The Hindu
Koodankulan protest 2, image courtesy The Hindu

We have reported earlier in Kafila on the ongoing struggle of the local people against the establishment of the nuclear reactor in Koodankulan here, here and here.

4 thoughts on “Accident at Koodankulan Nuclear Reactor, at least 6 Injured”

  1. So why is it so hard to believe it was a hot water spillage from a valve, as NPCIL says? Why does 6 people getting hot water scalds merit so much panic? Can we have this sort of scrutiny of conventional power projects, maybe report on everyone who scalds themselves in the canteen? I saw Nityanand’s facebook post about his conversation with Sundar and all I can say is, this kind of gotcha journalism gives the left a bad name.

    1. Rahul Siddharthan,
      There has clearly been a breach of standard operating procedures, which does not bode well for the future. Six people have received fifty percent burns from hot water at 80 degrees Celsius, according to the official who spoke to NDTV. Whether this was first, second or third degree burns has not been made clear, but the injured may survive if it was first or second degree burns. You’re worried about “gotcha journlaism giving the Left a bad name”, but the callousness with which you can dismiss a serious accident affecting six people IN A NUCLEAR PLANT gives humanity a bad name – but then nuclear energy champions have never been bothered about humanity.
      The official says airily that the accident was on ‘the turbine side, nothing to do with the nuclear side’ – but everything has to do with “the nuclear side” in a nuclear reactor. The Three Mile Island disaster for example, began with failures in the non-nuclear secondary system.
      And you of course, compare hot water spillage in a Pressurised Water Reactor to spilling of hot water in a canteen! Words fail me, or at least, polite words. Is this just ignorance, or…what is it?

  2. Nityananand Jayaraman in Tehelka:
    Wednesday’s accident did not involve radiation. Burns and broken bones are common workplace injuries. It is precisely the commonplace nature of this incident and how it was handled that expose how the Koodankulam set-up has all the ingredients required to bungle the handling of major emergencies. These ingredients are: poor and non-transparent communication, lack of emergency response infrastructure, non-compliance with operating procedures, lack of quality assurance of equipment and personnel. Read the rest of the article here.

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