Manipur Solidarity Statement for JNU

Guest Post by a group of Concerned Individuals from Manipur

We, the undersigned, are appalled by the conduct of the present regime against Jawaharlal Nehru University where students are being hunted down for debating on an issue which is also close to the heart of Manipur.

There is critical need for deepening dialogue on the very idea of India so that many nations and nationalities have space for their expressions rather than stifling them within a very narrow definition of India. There are very few institutions in India where such a debate can take place, and a healthy debate will allow India to be critical of itself ensuring a more vibrant multicultural and multi-national India.

We strongly believe that universities must be non-militarized spaces where students and teachers are able to freely engage on topics such as the one that took place in JNU. They must not be suppressed ideologically and militarily in the name of national security. Back here, there is military occupation in the heart of Manipur University. Yes, in the name of security. And it is time the military completely withdraws away from the sites of learning and knowledge.

We denounce the arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar, President of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union on unfounded charges of sedition and he must be released immediately. The University Authorities must take steps to ensure that the witch hunt that is ensuing against other students must also cease immediately. We demand that there be no more arrests of students.

We demand an unconditional withdrawal of police personnel from campuses, and reiterate our support and solidarity with the students, faculty and staff of JNU. Additionally,

Justice Must Prevail!


  1. Ram Wangkheirakpam (Ex-JNU)
  2. Homen Thangjam (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  3. Chaoba Takhenchangbam (Activist)
  4. N. Somorendro (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  5. Jillagamba Yengkhom (Ex-JNU and Faculty TISS)
  6. Haripriya Soibam (Faculty TISS)
  7. Deben Bachaspatimayum (Social Activist)
  8. G. Amarjit Sharma (Ex-JNU student, currently JNU faculty)
  9. Bijoy Khuraijam (Ex-JNU student, currently JNU faculty)
  10. Aheibam Koireng (Teacher)
  11. Immanuel Varte (Teacher & Social Worker)
  12. Hanjabam Shukhdeba (Teacher)
  13. Akhu Chingangbam (Singer)
  14. Hanjabam Ishworchandra (Teacher)
  15. Lai Churchill (Journalist)
  16. Arambam Noni (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  17. Sapam Dilip (Journalist)
  18. Mimin Vaiphei (Ex-JNU & Scientist)
  19. Rajesh Prasad (Ex-JNU & Management)
  20. Aribam Joy Sharma (Ex-JNU)
  21. Nandini Thockchom (Social Activist)
  22. Ksh. Imokanta (Ex-JNU)
  23. Dr. Ningthouja Subhir (Ex-JNU and Teacher)
  24. Potsangbam Geeta (Ex-JNU & Activist)
  25. Ratika Yumnam (Activist)
  26. Shreema Ningombam (Teacher)
  27. H Sudhir (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  28. Syed Ahmed (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  29. Ksh. Kennedy (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  30. Gautam Nongmaithem (Teacher)
  31. K. Indrakumar (Teacher)
  32. N. Somendrajit (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  33. Samson Sitlou (Teacher)
  34. N. SurjitKumar (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  35. Atom Sunil Singh (Ex-JNU & Analyst)
  36. Santinath Sarangthem (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  37. Rajeev Kshetri (Ex-JNU & Journalist)
  38. Nongmaithem William (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  39. Pheiroijam Newton (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  40. Hajarimayum Jubita (Ex-JNU)
  41. Nameirakpam Bijen (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  42. Naorem Kishorechand (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  43. Angom Ruhinikumar (Ex-JNU)
  44. Ksh. Gulson (Ex-JNU)
  45. Meitram Sanjeev (Ex-JNU)
  46. Salam Jeevan (Ex-JNU & Scholar)
  47. Karam Manoranjan (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  48. Otojit Khetrimayum (Ex-JNU & Researcher)
  49. Angom Krishnachandra (Ex-JNU)
  50. Maisnam Liklainu (Ex-JNU)
  51. Nongmaithem Binata (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  52. Huidrom Renuka (Ex-JNU & Scholar)
  53. Khwairakpam Renuka (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  54. Ningthoujam Ramesh (Scholar)
  55. L. Rajen Singh (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  56. S. Rajen Singh (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  57. K. Ibo Singh (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  58. K. Indira (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  59. Ngangbam Shantikumar (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  60. Ashem Robertson (Ex-JNU)
  61. Ashem Roni (Ex-JNU)
  62. Laisom Shileima (Ex-JNU)
  63. Khundongbam Alexander Singh (Ex-JNU, Singer & Teacher)
  64. Maimom Ingocha (Ex-JNU & Scholar)
  65. Takhelambam Meiraba (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  66. Monish Kshetrimayum (Ex-JNU)
  67. Khangembam Surdas (Ex-JNU)
  68. James Guduangmei (Ex-JNU)
  69. Senate Khuraijam (Journalist)
  70. Thounaojam Umeshkanta (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  71. Leishangthem Premkumar (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  72. Abdul Gaffar (Ex-JNU)
  73. Kasamthai Pheiga Gangmei (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  74. Lianboi Vaiphei (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  75. Alankar Kamei (Ex-JNU)
  76. Rebika Sinam (Ex-JNU)
  77. Aribam Dhananjoy (Journalist)
  78. Loukrakpam Bijurani (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  79. Paiso Keishing (Ex-JNU)
  80. S. Rock (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  81. Shimreingam Hungyo (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  82. Naorem Thoinu (Ex-JNU)
  83. Malem Ningthouja (Scholar)
  84. Yumnam Ojen (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  85. Hidam Praem (Teacher)
  86. R.K. Smijita (Teacher)
  87. Puthem Jugeshwar (Ex-JNU)
  88. Chingakham Shankly (Ex-JNU)
  89. Dr. K. Romen (Physician)
  90. Laitonjam Sasi (Bussinessman)
  91. Th. Haripriya Devi (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  92. Hemam Karuna (Ex-JNU)
  93. Oinam Thoibi (Ex-JNU)
  94. Adhikarimayum Brojen (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  95. Leishangthem Gitarani (Ex-JNU)
  96. Radharani (Ex-JNU)
  97. Meisnam Dhaneswori (Ex-JNU)
  98. Naorem Romina (Ex-JNU)
  99. Ningthoujam Alvite (Ex-JNU)
  100. Khwairakpam Rakesh (Scholar)
  101. Monish Tourangbam (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  102. R.K. Brojen (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  103. Srida (Scholar)
  104. Laishram Malemmangal (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  105. Kshetrimayum Basanta (Ex-JNU)
  106. Sougrakpam Pitambar  (Ex-JNU)
  107. Kshetrimayum Maniram (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  108. Nongmaithem Manichandra (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  109. Naorem Praveen (Ex-JNU)
  110. Naorem Banita (Ex-JNU)
  111. Rosy Neithem (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  112. Kim Haokip (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  113. R.K. Dipak (Ex-JNU & Lawyer)
  114. Aphun Kamei (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  115. R.K. Bhogen (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  116. Maria Anal (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  117. David L. Lungtau (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  118. Angom Polen (Company Executive)
  119. Paokholal Haokip (Ex-JNU & Teacher)
  120. Bempi Baite (Ph.D Scholar)
  121. Jhankholal Haokip (Ex-JNU)
  122. Khulpua Modar (Teacher)
  123. Sylvia Sagolsem (Ph.D candidate, JNU )
  124. Swapan Ashangbam (Social Activist)
  125. Kshetrimayum Onil (Social Activist)
  126. Johnson Laishram (Ex-TISS)
  127. Daina Naorem (Ex-JNU)
  128. N. Samungou (Ex-JNU)
  129. Rafiudin Shah (Ex-JNU)
  130. Tulsipriya Rajkumari (Ex-JNU)
  131. Puyam Rakesh (Ex-JNU)
  132. Loukram Santikumar (Ex-JNU)
  133. Shagolsem Lenin (Ex-JNU)
  134. Oinam Jayalakshmi (Ex-JNU & IGNOU)
  135. Haobam Sonamani (Ex-JNU & IES)
  136. Joylata Laishram (Ex-JNU)
  137. L. Nilima (Ex-JNU)
  138. Ziour Rahaman (Ex-JNU)

We look forward to your comments. Comments are subject to moderation as per our comments policy. They may take some time to appear.

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