We are Baba Saheb’s Followers, We Believe in the Constitution – Vinay Ratan Singh, President of Bhim Army

The vicious and combined attack of the administration and the local media on Bhim Army continues. It is being villainized by them and they are threatened with impending arrests under the National Security Act. The  blatantly partisan attitude of the administration, backing in overt and covert ways, the attempts of the Thakurs and other upper castes, to provoke riots – are laid bare by VINAY RATAN SINGH in the interview below where he speaks to CHALCHITRA ABHIYAAN on what has been going on in Saharanpur and neighbouring areas. We unequivocally support the efforts of the Bhim Army to resist the vicious attacks of the upper castes, who are now emboldened by the presence of their own government in the state.

3 thoughts on “We are Baba Saheb’s Followers, We Believe in the Constitution – Vinay Ratan Singh, President of Bhim Army”

  1. A comprehensive agitation to make the present government understand that all are equal under our constitution and their cherished Hinduttva Rashtra will not and can not happen in India-the present day egalitarian democratic modern nation.
    The composit, Gunga -Jumani sanskriti can not be undermined. A regressive conflict — ridden sectarian polity WILL NOT be allowed to take root.


  2. As he rightly expresses, the constitution has many provisions that have not been followed by the ruling governments. The upper caste dominated rulers have not implemented the basic ‘ preamble’ of the constitution. Bhim Army should struggle relentlessly till the provisions in the constitution are totally implemented and upper caste hegemony stopped


  3. The basic teachings of B.R.Ambedkar must be spread throughout.Educate,Organise and Agitate.That is what Dr.Ambedkar wanted the Untouchables to do.The aim is to overthrow the Hindu Social Order established under Manu Smiriti.Must remember that Dr.Ambedkar had burnt this book.


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