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We are Baba Saheb’s Followers, We Believe in the Constitution – Vinay Ratan Singh, President of Bhim Army

The vicious and combined attack of the administration and the local media on Bhim Army continues. It is being villainized by them and they are threatened with impending arrests under the National Security Act. The  blatantly partisan attitude of the administration, backing in overt and covert ways, the attempts of the Thakurs and other upper castes, to provoke riots – are laid bare by VINAY RATAN SINGH in the interview below where he speaks to CHALCHITRA ABHIYAAN on what has been going on in Saharanpur and neighbouring areas. We unequivocally support the efforts of the Bhim Army to resist the vicious attacks of the upper castes, who are now emboldened by the presence of their own government in the state.