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क्या खलील चिश्ती अपने जीवन में पाकिस्तान वापिस जा पाएंगे?: आशीष महर्षि

आशीष महर्षि
पी.यू.सी.एल. के सदस्य डॉक्टर खलील चिश्ती को बैल मिलने के बाद उनके साथ
बीस साल बाद भले ही डॉक्टर खलील चिश्ती खुली हवा में सांस ले रहे हों लेकिन उन्हें अभी भी सरकार की दया की दरकार है। उम्र के ८क् बरस गुजार चुके डॉ. खलील अब अपने वतन लौटना चाहते हैं। खलील साहब की जमानत भले ही हो गई हो लेकिन उन्हें और उनके परिवार को इंतजार है संपूर्ण रिहाई का। Continue reading क्या खलील चिश्ती अपने जीवन में पाकिस्तान वापिस जा पाएंगे?: आशीष महर्षि

India must reciprocate Pakistan by sending back Dr. Chishty and Pakistani fishermen

This is a statement put out by some of us; names of signatories is given at the end

We, the undersigned, welcome the decision of Pakistan government to release 26 Indian fishermen on humanitarian grounds. They were in Pakistani prison for more than two years for allegedly violating territorial border. The Pakistani gesture came in the background of a meeting, which took place in New Delhi, between the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh & the Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari on last Sunday. The poor Indian and Pakistani fishermen find it extremely difficult to recognize other country’s territorial border in the mid-sea.

We appeal to the Government of India to reciprocate Pakistani gesture by sending Dr. Khaleel Chishty and Pakistani fishermen back home. This will be a major confidence building measure. It will help in creating a conducive atmosphere in taking forward peace process. Continue reading India must reciprocate Pakistan by sending back Dr. Chishty and Pakistani fishermen

On the Supreme Court granting bail to Dr Khaleel Chishty: PUCL statement

Given below is the statement of the PEOPLE’S UNION FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES on the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday to grant bail to Dr Khaleel Chishty. Given below the statement is the full text of the court order

The PUCL is extremely relieved that the SC decided to set free from the Prison 80 year old Dr. Khalil Chishty serving a life sentence in Ajmer Central Jail for a murder case. This is an extremely significant step but not sufficient as bail for Dr. Chishty as seen earlier when the trial was underway for 19 years, was like house arrest. he had to report regularly to the police and could not step out of his house and area. We hope that the next step of sending Dr. Chishty back home happens soon as it would be better for all that we send him back alive, when he can be with those who care for him and love. The PUCL appreciates the wisdom of the Supreme Court for this judgement.
While Judicial remedy would be pursued in the Supreme Court, we would like to remind all that the executive remedy as provided in the Indian Constitution of President and the Governot of a State granting Mercy to an individual at any stage of the judicial process, was stalled by the Governor of Rajasthan, who despite being recommended twice by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan that Dr. Chishty be pardoned, the Governor only let the file gather dust. Continue reading On the Supreme Court granting bail to Dr Khaleel Chishty: PUCL statement

Dr Khaleel Chishty’s family in Ajmer to appeal for his release: Kavita Srivastava

This press release comes from KAVITA SRIVASTAVA of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties. It was released after a press conference in Ajmer on Friday, 18 November 2011

  • Family appeals to Governor Shivraj Patil to sign the mercy petition of Dr. Khalil Chishty pardoning him at the earliest
  • Government of Rajasthan grants perrmission to the family to meet Dr. Chishty in Jail

Bring Dr Chishty home – alive

An elderly, bed-ridden man sentenced to life imprisonment in an ‘enemy’ country for a murder he didn’t commit awaits the signature on his clemency petition. By Beena Sarwar and Shivam Vij

Human rights activists in India are renewing their efforts for the release of the elderly Pakistani prisoner Dr Khalil Chishty lodged in Ajmer prison hospital, whose mercy petition awaits just one signature from the Rajasthan Governor Shivraj Patil. The mercy petition had earlier been approved by the state government and had reached Patil in June this year. At that point, it was expected that Dr Chishty, 78, a renowned virologist bed-ridden with various illnesses in jail, would soon be released.

Instead, Governor Patil raised a set of questions for the state government to answer. The Rajasthan government has answered all the queries, but has not submitted the file to the Governor again – perhaps because, according to sources, the Governor has already indicated that he will not sign the petition. Continue reading Bring Dr Chishty home – alive

Free Dr Khaleel Chishty: Amna Chishty

Update: A hopeful note from Kavita Srivastava

An appeal by AMNA CHISHTY

16th April 2011

My father is almost 80 years old. He received his PhD from University of Edinburgh, Scotland in 1968 in Public Health Virology. He had an illustrious career as a professor and head of department of virology and microbiology at Karachi University. In the late 80’s he retired from his last job as the Director of Public Health at King Abdul Aziz Airport in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. He is a principled man who is well‐read, well bred and well traveled. He worked hard to raise a family of six children – one son (oldest, with engineering diploma), five daughters (one is a doctor, one is a Pharmacologist, two are graduates and myself an MBA in marketing). He educated us and built a house for us in Karachi and supported his younger brother in India as well. After retirement he wanted to live in that house in Karachi and enjoy his retirement with his family and his grandchildren.

The following events led to his current plight: In 1992 my father went to Ajmer to visit his ailing mother at his brother’s house near Dargah Sharif.  Continue reading Free Dr Khaleel Chishty: Amna Chishty