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Adivasis in Assam – Extermination without a Camp: Suraj Gogoi and Prasenjit Biswas


Repeated genocides in Assam and justification and rationalization of the same can be seen as the severest form of crime against humanity that one can imagine. It is the most reprehensible form of hatred that is committed and perpetually pushed under the carpet. Located in the foothills of Bhutan, the villages where 81 or so Adivasi persons were exterminated in the recent killings by the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (Songbijit faction) is no less than a genocide. Apparently the motive for such killing is attributed to Adivasi villagers helping the army and police in busting camps of Bodo militants. Seemingly they turn out to be the easy targets for insurgent firepower.

The adivasis, therefore, remain in a state of being exterminated. If camps mark the predicament of a modern fragmented society, one might say that the Adivasis are permanently thrown into shelters and camps as internally displaced. An estimated 2.75 lakh people of Adivasi origin are settled in about 250 camps across Udalguri and Chirang. They are decamped before the act of being camped and by the very act of remaining in the state of being camped they are rightless and defenseless. Herein we find a sense of perennial othering which subverts any democratic attempt to empower them with right and dignity. They are othered in a state of displacement and pushed form their settlements to an uncertain destiny. This continual displacement completes the fate of marginality. The process marks an inner othering of the marginalized that actualizes fragmentation of mainstream social identities of Assam. Continue reading Adivasis in Assam – Extermination without a Camp: Suraj Gogoi and Prasenjit Biswas

On the November Massacres in Assam: Aruni Kashyap

This is a guest post by ARUNI KASHYAP

The front page of Asomiya Pratidin on 10 November

In the beginning of this month, the anti-talks faction of NDFB carried out a state-wide massacre of non-Bodos, mostly Hindi speaking settlers in Assam in a revenge-killing spree after Mahesh Basumatary, who allegedly was a cadre of NDFB, was killed by the Indian security forces in Assam’s Sonitpur district. The Bodo militant organisation claimed that the person was an innocent civilian and wasn’t linked to their organisation in any way while the security forces claimed otherwise. A recent report aired in a local television news channel DY365 records the victim’s family and his resident village’s viewpoint that matches with the claims of the NDFB. Continue reading On the November Massacres in Assam: Aruni Kashyap