JKCCS welcomes Supreme Court order for disbanding SPOs

8 JULY 2011: Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS), welcomes the recent judgment delivered by the Supreme Court of India in which it has struck down as ‘unconstitutional’ the practice of arming local tribal youth of Chattisgarh as Special Police Officers (SPOs) in order to fight the Maoists. It has asked the Chattisgarh state government to:
·         immediately stop using SPOs,
·         recall all firearms distributed to them,
·         desist from funding the recruitment of any other vigilante groups,
·         ensure the filing of FIRs into criminal activities committed by them, and
·         offer protection to those who need
The recent Supreme Court judgment is a clear guidance, binding all the states in India for not using the unconstitutional methods for dealing with political or armed dissent.
Chief Minister, Mr. Omar Abdullah while responding to the Supreme Court judgment on Special Police Officers (SPOs) in Naxal-hit areas said that the judgment is not applicable to Jammu and Kashmir as the SPOs in the state were part of the regular police force. Mr. Abdullah has conveniently chosen to forget the genesis of these forces.
The judgment is more relevant to the Jammu and Kashmir state where the idea of privatization of human rights violations was conceptualized and crystallized. In early 90’s the government used the services of known human rights violators or people with the history of violence. Massive human rights abuses have taken place at the hands of counter insurgent groups like Ikhwan ul Muslimoon, Muslim Mujahideen, and the Village Defence Committees who were later integrated or accommodated in regular forces like Territorial Army and the Special Police Officers. It is no secret for people of Jammu and Kashmir that persons with criminal past and present have been recruited consciously for the posts of SPOs.
The Chief Minister’s statement tantamounts to questioning the article 141 of the Indian constitution, which makes binding the Supreme Court judgments on all the states.
JKCCS urges the government of Jammu and Kashmir to implement this Supreme Court order and disband all the armed groups patronized by the state. SPOs, VDCs, Territorial Army units, other small groups and individuals who have let loose a reign of terror in the state and are responsible for heinous crimes should be immediately disbanded; all their firearms recalled; and the government should ensure that FIRs are filled into criminal activities committed by these persons.
If the state fails to implement the arbiter dicta of the judgment, JKCCS will file the writ application in the court for the implementation of the Supreme Court judgment in Jammu and Kashmir.
President, JKCCS
Adv. Parvez Imroz
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3 thoughts on “JKCCS welcomes Supreme Court order for disbanding SPOs”

  1. Welcome statement from JKCCS, its fact that there are bad apples among Ikhwan who committed atrocities on civilians including murder and extortion.
    On the same way JKCCS also should take up the cause of surrendered militants and repect their choice even if it involves joining the JK police or army, it should raise voice against the harassment of surrendered militants by overground activists of Hizb Ul Mujahiddeen or Jamaat e Islami.


  2. May I ask JKCCS pray did you all fall asleep when:

    Kashmir: principal of fire-ravaged Christian school speaks out
    by Parvez Samuel Kaul

    09/15/2010 13:06

    “The community we were serving was 100 per cent Muslim,” said bitterly Pravez Samuel Kaul, principal of the Tyndale Biscoe School, which is now but smouldering ashes as a result of the ‘Burn-the Qur‘an’ proposal launched in the United States by Rev Terry Jones. “Ironically, our library had many copies of the Holy Qur‘an,” he said.

    Ma Kaul, who is Anglican, has worked in the education field in Kashmir for 26 years. His tale of destruction is also the story of how law enforcement underestimated the situation and moved in too late. It is also the story of how the fundamentalism of so many quickly turned against the school, and themselves. “The impact of the loss [of the school] will be felt firstly by Muslims themselves,” Kaul said. Here is what he told AsiaNews.”

    The Tyndale Biscoe School belongs to Church of North India and is a branch of the Tyndale Biscoe and Mallinson Educational Society in Jammu and Kashmir.”


    All kept quiet. Naxal insurgency is going on and CRPF and state police are being massacred, JKKCS look the other way.

    Not one from Kashmir spoke out for it

    What is civil about it?

    Do people of Kashmir , both Muslim and Hindu Pandits , understand the agony of both tribals and paramiltary troops.

    I am sorry to say you Kashmiris lack compassion and are now getting a reputation for being self-centered and ignorant what is going around India .




  3. If one studies carefully the Constitution of India, the Central Government has no right to have any police force – it should be having only Army meant for defending country from outside attacks. Similarly the States are to have police force, accountable to the State and meant for maintaining Law & Order. In such a situation, I wonder why it took so many years to recognise that there is no place for forces like SPOs. First lets us welcome the decision of Supreme Court and at the same time, we need to start taking action for all central government controlled police forces such as CRPF.


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