Congratulations on the Completion of Two Years of Government: Reaction of JNU student, Bihu Chamadia


Congratulations on the completion of two years of government. But I just want to ask a simple one line question. Completion of two years but at what cost? At the cost of increase in the number of farmer suicides, at the cost of creating war-like situations in educational institutions, at the cost of acting as a catalyst of widening the gap between hindu-muslim, at the cost of increasing imports and decreasing exports. Celebration on such a large scale because of course it is the first ever government in the history of the world to complete 2 years of governance ! With on-going crisis in the country BJP spends 1000 crores on a programme for this celebration. We would have no problem if this money was yours but sadly it’s not its ours. So now to all the tax payers who had problem with JNU raising its voice I ask you have you people become blind and deaf or are suffering from amnesia and forgot how to read and write.

Well, you speak well Mr Modi but the problem is that you only speak. You and your whole cabinet knows that each and every student of these educational institutes can give you people a befitting reply to all your one liners but we choose not to. People laugh at what your ministers says and say what a fool but I have a completely opposite view. You people are not fool you people are smart, very smart indeed.  Your every policy and every one liner can have a nice reply.

Your faithful believers laugh when people ask about your degrees and say its not important how many degrees does a minister have, well it’s not about the degree it’s about telling lies. Rabri Devi didn’t have any degree and Mr Manmohan Singh had many but nobody asked them to show what degrees they hold then why it is that people are after you and your education minister (she is certainly not our education minister). The reason is lies. If those in support of you make a video of asking people that does the degree matter and laugh when people say no then I challenge them to ask a more appropriate question that it is not the degree but the lies that concerns the people and then upload the video. Well they won’t. Isn’t it surprising that you have so many photos of your younger age but none with your college mates? Your followers have this amazing talent of perceiving everything wrongly every time.

Next is your famous ‘make in India’ one liner where is it with exports decreasing and imports increasing, I want to ask where is it? What are you making in India? Communal hatred? Vedic board? People who do not have rational thinking? Advertisements with your beautiful face? Yes, this is what you are making in India and I am sorry you can’t export these.

The next is the new policy of ‘cleaning up’ with your ‘swachh barat abhiyan and punishing ‘anti-national’ institutes, students, teachers, news persons, newspapers , writers, poets, journalists and I know you will keep adding categories to this. I guess this why nationalist Vijay Mallya cleaned up so many banks thinking that they will give loans to the anti-nationals better would be that a nationalist should use it.

Next is ‘blame game’ why India is not developing? Because Congress had been ruling India since last 60 years. Why there is poverty? Because Congress had been ruling India since last 60 years. why there are farmers suicide? Because Congress had been ruling India since last 60 years. Why there was earthquake in Japan? Because Congress had been ruling India since last 60 years.  Removing Gandhi and Nehru from the textbooks and trying to distort history is the new way how we can develop.

Next is the policy of being a narcissist. Your photo sessions just won’t end. We have no problem in you having lakhs of photos of yourself knowing how much you are fond of yourself but we request not use our money on that and if there was a way someone could find out then I am sure country would have known that you are the person who visited  your own app most number of times.

Next is the name’ change policies’ changing the names of roads, places and of the already existing policies comes under the category of development. Because of course with the old name these things were of no use and could not develop or contribute to development.

Next is the new policy of discarding Constitution and declaring BJP-RSS as the only judge of what constitutes freedom of expression. He says I am great. If you say he is not then that is hate speech because you said you hate him on the other hand when his followers says anything against women, Muslims, Dalits then it is not a hate speech because they were stating the obvious facts which everyone knows.  His followers says Afzal Guru was executed during UPA government then also Rahul Gandhi came in support of JNU lets make it clear that he came in the support of freedom of speech and expression not your freedom of speech and expression but the one written in the constitution. I am not a Congress supporter and criticise what wrong they did during their rule but one thing I can say they didn’t try to create ruckus in the educational institutes a place which is the hub of freedom of speech and expression. Sorry sir but we do not accept your Manusmriti style of freedom of expression.

They have hold over all the channels of communication. The concept of ’separation of powers’ only exists in the political science books. Executive (leaving some anti-national IAS and IPS), judiciary (leaving some anti-national lawyers and judges), media (leaving some anti-national newspapers and channels) all are theirs.

When asked about the on-going hunger strike in JNU Ms. Smriti Irani said that institutes are  autonomous bodies and we have no say in it to this she added the punishments given to the students will not be reduced or scrapped off. One question ma’am how do you know this? Universities are autonomous bodies how can you be so sure in saying about the reduction or scrapping off of the punishment?

Mr. Modi exactly knows where to use chai, where to use football, where to use sending people on a one way trip to Pakistan. We have no problem and by this I mean in capital bold letters that absolutely no problem in him being a chaiwala but we have problem in him being against any other chaiwala to educate himself and become a prime minister. he wants this status to be exclusive to him ‘the first and the last chaiwala as the prime minister of India’.

People say that these are petty issues over which you people create tensions in the country.  Yes they are. And you people have an amazing talent of making these issues of national importance or at least make people believe that they are. Your new one liner ‘mera desh badal rha hai, aage badh rha hai’ yes it is changing and moving towards becoming a Hindu Taliban. The debate which is going on around the word secularism is an interesting one ‘sanghis’, ‘bhakts’ claim to be secular because they go to ‘dargah’ and because of course they let Muslims,Sikhs,Christians breath the same air so by this logic they are very much secular.

Sanghis have a never ending list of talents they possess, and when you think that they have showed you all the talent and knowledge they have they surprise you with a new one. People usually ask why target only Modi so I would like to tell them once and for all. Because BJP won election on his name and face. So where is development? Development is fighting against this racist, fascist, irrational, patriarchal government in the campuses.


2 thoughts on “Congratulations on the Completion of Two Years of Government: Reaction of JNU student, Bihu Chamadia”

  1. Even before others congratulate the rulers, they are congratulating themselves! Not one day, but they have ‘ earmarked’ some days and money for celebrations to showcase their achievements. What didi they achieve?
    Goebels propaganda …


  2. U can fool sum ppl 4 sumtime by I dnt fool all the ppl 4 all the time.

    We the ppl of India Wil decide soon where I should b


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