Statement on the imminent arrest of Gautam Navlakha and Anand Teltumbde : Alan-Thaha Human Rights Committee, Kerala

The Alan-Thaha Human Rights Committee, Kerala, expresses its deep concern and anguish over the imminent arrest of prominent intellectuals Gautam Navlakha and Anand Teltumbde in the Bhima-Koregaon case.

The Supreme Court order earlier this week, refusing them any relief against arrest in the case under trumped up charges, is a matter of grave concern because it effectively divests the citizens of even the minimum avenues for justice and protection against a state system bent on terrorising the people and destroying even the semblance of protests and democratric resistance.
In this context, it is important to remember that both Gautam Navlakha and Anand Teltumbde are very prominent and highly respected scholar-activists in the country, with a  number of books and other publications to their credit. It is evident that they are being pursued by the state and its agencies like the Maharashtra police with an intent to terrorise and browbeat any serious intellectual efforts to challenge and expose the acts of terror on the part of the state machinery.
We, the members of the Alan-Thaha Human Rights Committee, Kerala, which has been fighting the arrest of two young students in Calicut over four months ago under the UAPA, and other signatories, express our solidarity with the duo, who are fearless fighters for protection of democratic and human rights in the country. We call upon the government and the Prime Minister of India to reconsider their position in the case as it is unjust and violative of basic rights. We also urge them to desist from acts of state terror at this point, as the country is fighting a terrible pandemic,  a time when it is next to impossible for the citizens to put up a democratic resistance through public platforms and organisations of a peaceful nature. Any arrest at this moment would only mean that the state and its agencies are taking cynical advantage of the present situation we are facing, and that the citizens are being denied their fundamental rights even at this point of great national peril.
K. Sachidanandan
B R P Bhaskar
Arundhathy Dhuru
Sandeep Pande
Goutham Modi
B. Rajeevan
Joy Mathew
Ajitha K
P K Pokker
J Devika
Kalpatta Narayanan
K P Kannan
Sunil P Ilayitam
J Prabhash
Savithri Rajeevan
Appukkuttan Vallikkunnu
Venketesh Ramakrishnan
Raman Mahadevan
Rammohan K T
K R Meera
Priya P Pillai
V K Joseph
P K Parakkadavu
V R Sudheesh
Rethy Devi
Sidharthan Paruthikkad
S Gopalakrishnan
P J James
V S Anil kumar
Ajayan Adat
Anwar Ali
Sudha Padmaja Francis
Kamal K M
K Vinod Chandran
P T John
K K Rema
M K Dasan
Pramod Puzhankara
Mythri Prasad Aleyamma
Sajitha Madathil
V P Vasudevan
Umeshbabu K C
P F Mathews
Deepesh T
N P Chekkutty
Sudeep K S
Dileep Raj
Deepak Narayanan
Muhsin Parari
K N Ajoykumar
Asif Kunnath
M M Sacheendran
Sulfath M
Smitha Neravath
Priyesh kumar
K S Hariharan
K. P Prakasan
Gulab Jan
C R Neelakantan
Ravi Paloor
V K Suresh
Reshma Bharadwaj
Jayan P M
Manoj P T
Dinu Veyil
Viji Penkoottu
N C Haridasan
Shinu kumar
Kusumam Joseph
T R Venugopalan
K P Sethunath
Suresh O P
Aparna Vinod
P. Kumarankutty
N Sasidharan
Suhara V P
M M Khan
Balakrishnan V A
C U Thresia
R K Bijuraj
N K Bhoopesh
Chandrasekharan (Chans)
Sheeba Ameer
Mrudula Devi Sasidharan
K. Santhosh kumar
T L Santhosh
K K Surendran
Jossy P C
Shoukath Ali Eroth
Sreenivasan E K
Moncy P J
K Murali
V Vijaya kumar
Surendranath C
K P Vijaya kumar
A Prathapan
Sheeja V
S V Rajadurai
Mahathi Ravi Sanghamithra
Appu Balusseri
Muhammed Salim
Girija K P
Bindu.K C
Carmel Christy
Deepthi Narayanan
T V Vijayan
T.Narayanan Vattoli

One thought on “Statement on the imminent arrest of Gautam Navlakha and Anand Teltumbde : Alan-Thaha Human Rights Committee, Kerala”

  1. These and many other prominent people are being harassed and persecuted only because the fascist leaning government wants to establish its power and writ on people to rule by intimidation and threat
    When rapists ,terrorists ,lynchers and murderers with vigilantes are not even touched let alone booked ,how thinkers have become more dangerous than these goons?Why SC does not feel these pertinent questions must be asked of the government and of themselves?


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