Will India Remember Dadri’s Akhlaq, as Germany Recalls Victims of Nazi Barbarism?

The German acceptance for stolpersteine plaques helps them honour victims of Nazism. One wonders if it will ever be possible to take up similar projects in this part of South Asia.

Germany Recalls Victims of Nazi Barbarism

Hier Wohnte Bernhard Marx

JB 1897

Deportiert 20.07.1942


Ermordet 24.07.1942

‘Here lived Bernhard Marx

Year of Birth 1897

Deported 20.07.1942


Assassinated 24.07.1942’

It was while walking past a desolate street in Bonn that we stumbled upon some brass plates on which the names of the members of a family were engraved. The name Bernhard, supposedly the head of this family, was engraved on the first plate, followed by three to his right: Erna Marx Geb Hartman, (born 1899), Helena (1929) and Julie (1938).

This was an ill-fated Jewish family from Bonn, deported to the dreaded Minsk concentration—rather extermination—camp that was brutally murdered just four days after they got there. The youngest, Julie was barely four when she died.

Estimates of how many died in this camp over a period of two years vary but at least 65000, mainly Jews, perished there until it was liberated by the Soviet forces.

The young researcher who was our host and guide to the city said that the brass plaques, raised on stone, are called stolpersteine. Stolper means to stumble in German and steine means stone. The idea behind erecting stolpersteine is to raise awareness about events that took place in the late thirties and early forties in this region, when millions of innocent people—Jews, Romas, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals and political dissidents—were sent to the gas chambers or brutally killed by the Nazi regime.

( Read the full article here : https://www.newsclick.in/India-Remember-Dadri-Akhlaq-Germany-Victims-Nazi-Barbarism)

3 thoughts on “Will India Remember Dadri’s Akhlaq, as Germany Recalls Victims of Nazi Barbarism?”

  1. lol.. Akhlaq was discussed like 3 months on Prime time and still gets invoked here and there once or twice every month. But what about people like Bhavesh Koli, Dr. Pankaj Narang, Ramalingam,etc.. No prime time coverage, a small write-up in some obscure corner of a newspaper and then carrying on with lives.. you know what? People have started to see thru this idiotic leftist propaganda biz and hence it’s a dying cup6 globally. Try harder next time!


  2. What is lol about it. Read it properly gentleman. Who died during partition riots on both sides ? Who gets killed in caste, communal riots ? Only members of a particular community ..

    Have some spinach and think ( very difficult job indeed !)


  3. When the perpetrators of Muzaffarnagar gangrapes and mass murders get acquitted easily, wen the Supreme Court refuses to see the clear injustice to Justice Loya or Haren Pandya, why should we expect any justice or admission of guilt in respect of Akhlaq or other daily victims of mob lynchings at the hands of Sanghis?


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