Solidarity Statement from The International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam in The Hague

We, the undersigned students, staff and faculty members at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam in The Hague, support the right of students and teachers everywhere to a learning environment that is critical, engaging and respectful. In light of recent events and the slander campaign against the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), we are disheartened and embarrassed that this is not the vision of the current Government of India, that they would rather create spaces of fear and control, by labelling all those that criticise their policies as anti-national and unpatriotic.

We do not support any one idea of India or one form of nationalism over another but look to University spaces to create an environment where ideas may be exchanged freely, inviting engagement in the form of both criticism and support, uninhibited by the threat of arbitrary censorship or state-sponsored violence.

Not so long ago, students from Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) were declared anti-Hindu, anti-Indian or Naxals and their protests were labeled as ‘conspiracies’, when they expressed their disagreement over a ruling party member, GajendraChauhan being appointed as their Chairman. We recently witnessed the labelling of students as anti-national when they held protests after the suicide of student activist RohithVemula, who highlighted the institutionalised discrimination against Dalits at Hyderabad Central University. And when voices were raised to discuss the issue of capital punishment, the case of Afzal Guru and the right to self determination – all legitimate issues for democratic debate and discussion- they were charged with ‘sedition’, itself an anachronistic concept which has no place in a secure and modern democracy, and JNU was accused of being a nest of anti-national activities.

We therefore collectively condemn all authoritative actions taken against various educational institutions by the present Government of India. We also condemn the perception and treatment of student activists as criminals by some media personnel, certain representatives of political parties and the state machinery.

We particularly condemn student leader, Kanhaiya Kumar’s arrest at JNU and the subsequent siege of the JNU campus by the Delhi Police, aided by some members of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). We also strongly condemn the related attacks on JNU students and faculty outside of campus, as well as on journalists, by lawyers and representatives of the ruling party.

We join the global community in expressing our solidarity with the staff and students of JNU. We #‎StandWithJNU.


  1. Dr.MansoobMurshed, Professor
  2. Dr.ArjunBedi, Professor
  3. N. Wagner, Assistant Professor
  4. Dr.KarimKniou, Senior Lecturer
  5. Sandy Hamerlina, Staff
  6. Dr. Andrew Fischer, Assistant Professor
  7. Dr. Amrita Chhachhi, Senior Lecturer
  8. Dr, Des Gasper, Full Professor
  9. Dr. Helen Hintjens, Senior Lecturer
  10. Dr.DubravkaŽarkov, Associate Professor
  11. LoesKeijsers, Lecturer (Retired)
  12. Dr.Thanh-Dam Truong, Associate Professor (Retired)
  13. Dr MahmoodMesskoub, Senior Lecturer
  14. JoãoGuimarães, Senior Lecturer (Retired)
  15. Dr. Wendy Harcourt, Associate Professor
  16. Dr. Howard Nicholas, Senior Lecturer
  17. Prof.Dr. M.R. Doornbos, Professor (Emeritus)
  18. Dr.Rolph van der Hoeven, Professor (Emeritus)
  19. Dr. Jeff Handmaker, Senior lecturer
  20. Dr. Kristen Cheney, Senior Lecturer
  21. Constance Dupis, Alumna
  22. Andrea Floridi, PHD Researcher
  23. TsegayeMoreda, PHD Researcher
  24. SalemaJramel, PHD Researcher
  25. Juan David Parra, PHD Researcher
  26. Daniela Andade, PHD Researcher
  27. DyahAyuKartika, M.A. Student, Indonesia
  28. Cristina García, M.A. Student, Colombia
  29. Diego Vicente Arrea, M.A. Student, Costa Rica
  30. Maria Westin, M.A. Student, Sweden
  31. Oliver Rix, M.A. Student, UK
  32. Diana Ardila, M.A. Student, Colombia
  33. Akiko Sato, M.A. Student, Japan
  34. ChourdakisYannis, M.A. Student, Greece
  35. Mohammad Ibrahim Khalad, M.A. Student, Bangladesh
  36. AkshayKadam, M.A. Student, India
  37. Aye Lei, M.A. Student, Myanmar
  38. Sukyeong Lee, M.A. Student, South Korea
  39. SzuHui Huang, M.A. Student, Taiwan
  40. YasminWakimotoScheufler, M.A. Student, Brazil
  41. Mihwa Wi, M.A. Student, South Korea
  42. MehretabMedhanie, M.A. Student, Eritrea
  43. Byron Jiménez Ponce, M.A. Student, Ecuador
  44. Priya Mohan, M.A. Student, India
  45. Ana Sofia Castillo Chavez, M.A. Student, México
  46. Belen Giaquinta, M.A. Student, Argentina
  47. MaksudaKhanam, M.A. Student, Bangladesh
  48. Sarah Marie Wulbrecht, M.A. Student, USA
  49. Priscila Shizuko Kinoshita Arie, M.A. Student, Brazil
  50. Tessa Talitha, M.A. Student, Indonesia
  51. Nana Takeuchi, M.A. Student, Japan
  52. CamiloEncisoZurita, M.A. Student, Colombia
  53. Maria Camila Franco Franco, M.A. Student, Colombia
  54. Momoka Ishida, M.A. Student, Japan
  55. Joseph Edward Alegado, M.A. Student, Philippines
  56. Emily Boyce, M.A. Student, UK
  57. Laura Hall, M.A. Student, USA
  58. OleksandraPravednyk, M.A. Student, Ukraine
  59. Sheriff Tabba, M.A. Student, Canada
  60. Anthony Medina, M.A. Student, Peru
  61. Gabriela Maldonado, M.A. Student, Guatemala
  62. AzucenaGollz, M.A. Student, Mexico
  63. Nawang C. Sherpa, M.A. Student, Nepal
  64. ViniePuspaningrum, M.A. Student, Indonesia
  65. Aneesh Correa, M.A. Student, India
  66. Jack Mullan, M.A. Student, Ireland
  67. AishwaryaPothula, M.A. Student, India
  68. Ade Siti, M.A. Student, Indonesia
  69. Pamela Soberanis, M.A. Student, Mexico
  70. IsidoraOvalle, M.A. Student, Chile
  71. Mitch Sayoc, M.A. Student, Philippines
  72. SiddharthDhote, M.A. Student, India
  73. PallaviKarnatak, M.A. Student, India
  74. Diana Baldenebro, M.A. Student, Mexico
  75. Luz Chimal, M.A. Student, Mexico
  76. IpsitaUppal, M.A. Student, India
  77. WorrinMuivah, M.A. Student, India
  78. Shikha Sethia, M.A. Student, India
  79. Amod Shah, M.A. Student, India
  80. Davo Davy, M.A. Student, Nigeria
  81. Thais Martins Domingues, M.A. Student, Brazil
  82. HojatFazly, M.A. Student, Afghanistan
  83. Guang Yang, M.A. Student, China
  84. Margarita Mecheva, M.A. Student, Russia
  85. Susana Macias, M.A. Student, Mexico
  86. Isabella Hayward, M.A. Student, Sweden
  87. Patricia VellosoCavallari, M.A. Student, Brazil
  88. Taylor Brown, M.A. Student, USA
  89. Christian Bilfinger, M.A. Student, Brazil
  90. Rachel Penner, M.A. Student, USA
  91. SalimaAhmadou, M.A. Student, Tunisia
  92. Seyoum A. Mamo, M.A. Student, Ethiopia
  93. Belén Moro, M.A. Student, Mexico-Argentina
  94. SuchismitaGoswami, M.A. Student, India
  95. BetelehemFikreBeyene, M.A. Student, Ethiopia

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