Police Attack on SIO March in Support of UoH in Calicut: Students Approach Child Rights Commission

The students arrested during the march conducted by Students Islamic Organisation in Calicut, Kerala on 26 March in protest of the police brutality in Hyderabad University filed a petition to the Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights. The Calicut Town Police lathicharged the peaceful protesters near the Calicut Head Post Office. About 40 were injured and about 30 protesters were arrested. SIO leaders who visited the police station were also arrested. Several of the protesters who faced violence were school students. Worst, the arrested students have been charged with Section 153 for instigating communal riots!

Five minor students have filed the petition appealing that the cops had thrashed them. Naser Chaliyam, member of the commission said that the petition is serious and that the commission will demand a report from the police on the issue. There were five minor students among those arrested during the protest march on Saturday. The petition says that their rights as minors were ill-treated by the cops. The petition says that they were taken to the police station at 11 AM and were denied medical aid till 5pm. They were only taken to the judiciary at 12 AM midnight and were granted bail by early morning 3AM. Naser Chaliyam said the commission will demand the police and DCP to submit a report on the incident within seven days. The students have decided to file petition to the state, and national human rights commissions as well.

One thought on “Police Attack on SIO March in Support of UoH in Calicut: Students Approach Child Rights Commission”

  1. Instigating communal riots?? What does UoH incidents relate to ‘ communal’ riots? The police have fabricated some ‘pretext to arrest as SIO is organisation of ‘muslims’…

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