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Police Attack on SIO March in Support of UoH in Calicut: Students Approach Child Rights Commission

The students arrested during the march conducted by Students Islamic Organisation in Calicut, Kerala on 26 March in protest of the police brutality in Hyderabad University filed a petition to the Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights. The Calicut Town Police lathicharged the peaceful protesters near the Calicut Head Post Office. About 40 were injured and about 30 protesters were arrested. SIO leaders who visited the police station were also arrested. Several of the protesters who faced violence were school students. Worst, the arrested students have been charged with Section 153 for instigating communal riots!

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Why media is creating such a panic about juvenile : Kishore


Guest Post by Kishore

Date of a release of the juvenile involved in “Nirbhaya” rape case is coming close and media is once again has started its vicious campaign against juveniles. It is the same media that declared the juvenile most brutal without any basis. Later they were exposed by statement by chief investigation officer that final charge sheet filed by police did not say that juvenile was most brutal. Some of them did a small story in inside pages to rectifying their mistake of calling him most brutal in headlines for months.

Media and certain section of society are very concerned about the prospective threat posed by Juvenile involved in so called “Nirbhaya” rape case. He will be released on 15th December and many sections of the media are “worried” that what if again he commits crime and poses threat to the society. Same papers are not bothered as what happened in last three years to rehabilitate reform and reintegrate him in the society. Same papers did not raised questions if government has made any individual care plan for him with a long term plan to rehabilitate him. May be they were sure that nothing had been done. In fact they believe that nothing can be done and best option is to keep him in jail for life. They are just waiting that he will come out and commit another crime again so they can say that “we told you earlier” Continue reading Why media is creating such a panic about juvenile : Kishore

On a Long Road to Justice: Simin Akhter

This is a Guest post by Simin Akhter, with inputs from Kamal Pant, Naina Singh and Vikas – 16 December Kranti

(Notes from the ongoing protests in the child sexual abuse case against Toddlers International Playschool, Rohini)

In a heinous and unfortunate show of power and violence, a two and a half year-old girl was raped by a male attendant at Toddlers International playschool (Rohini). Though the parents could manage to file an FIR, the management has threatened them with dire consequences. The principal has been openly shielding the accused, Amit Kumar, despite prior complaints of inappropriate behaviour by aggrieved parents and was allegedly shameless and audacious enough to tell the parents, ‘The police have been fed too well enough to open their mouths’! It also came to light during the protest yesterday that a similar FIR was filed two years back too but no police records could be found for the same; no wonder!

Almost 30 other girls have been detected with a certain strain of bacterial urinary infection, indicating the said two-year old is not the only victim. Many other children have been suffering from mouth-ulcers and a general loss of appetite too, reflecting also on the general lack of health and hygiene practices in the school. A group of parents, grandparents and concerned citizens, mostly young women and men, from in and around Rohini have got together for a relay protest but parents of other victims have not been forthcoming with formal complaints. Needless to say, the greater the delay in filing the complaints, the more legal intervention will get delayed.

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